Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bake Code : Enjoy Quality Bread & Pastries

I'm always on the lookout for all things yummy! 
This time, i had the chance to try the brand new Bake Code Bakery & Cafe! 

Its not like our ordinary kopitiam that sells white bread and plain old coffee and tea! 
Impress your date with luxurious breads filled with premium cheese, imported berries or go super-healthy with goji berries and assorted seeds/grains! 

What I found out was that they bake these breads daily and have almost 90 assorted flavors!
Be spoilt for choice! YAY! 

So, my girls and I decided to try these breads today! 

 Here on the tray : 
'S' shaped bread is called Sailor's delight that is filled with tuna
Thin, long bread is Earl Grey stick bun 
2 little round buns are Cream Cheese buns
Huge triangle bun is actually a Cheese stick
'C' shaped bun is filled with Cranberries
Oval shaped bun is a garlic bread

So, we thought it was going to be easy for 5 friends to finish all this. 
We were so surprised to find that we could not! 
Check out their fillings! 

Let me tell you, the breads like Garlic bread and Cheese sticks might sound normal to you.
Don't underestimate or look down on it, try it.
I'm not kidding. They are really generous in their ingredients! 

The garlic bread at Bake Code was really topped with  lots of garlic bits and fragrant butter, the cheese stick was covered with melted cheese on top and even had little chunks of cheese inside the bun! Absolutely worth it!  

Order your favorite ZenQ dessert or Caffe Vergnano 1882 coffee 
to enjoy with your pick of breads and pastries.

Check them out online! 
Official website:     http://www.bakecode-em.my/

Or, go to the nearest outlet!
For dine-in, head on over to Lintas, ZenQ (11am -11pm)
For take-away, it's at Citymall (10am-10pm)

Let me know which are your favorite bread or pastries there! 
My favorite is the Earl Grey bun, filled up with lots of fragrant earl grey tea bits, a hint of butter and a little sugar for taste! YUM!