Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Camear Fun on a Boring Sunday

It was a boring Sunday 
and I thank God for Beverly's spontaneous nature
which truly made my day.
She suggested we go have a random photoshoot
near SiCC ( Sabah Indoor Climbing Center), 
next to the Likas Sport Stadium!

here's just a few pics of what we did ;)
my favorites out of the hundreds we took.

gotta be honest,
this was definitely my first time
and it was a hella fun! 

try it out, peeps! 
#1 DESTRESS TRICK - free some more!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chivas Regal - Aged 18 Years by Christian Lacroix

A particularly popular choice of liquor for most clubbers in Kota Kinabalu -
 Chivas Regal
recently premiered its exclusive Chivas 18 Year Old 
decorated by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. 

With an exclusive party held at the BED, Waterfront
to commemorate its exclusive partnership with the iconic fashion designer, 
fellow bloggers Rungitom, Beverly and I were invited! 

Imagine the mad excitement we felt opening up the invitation! Teehee!

embossed logo on the envelope!

Cyrus gave up on his reading to take some pics of the card too!

taking off the ribbon!

teeth chattering in absolute excitement...

pretty but i was expecting something more. but o wells :) WE'RE INVITED!

The entrance to the party at the BED, Waterfront! 
Looks A-MAY-Zing!

 So, this is how it goes... 
Chivas Regal invited six prominent Malaysian designers 
to create their own signature collections 
inspired by Chivas Regal and Christian Lacroix 
that will be showcased during the party.

Beatrice Looi, Ian Chang, Joe Chia, Jovian Mandagie, 
Lee Khoon Hooi and Michael Ong 
– each showed off a haute couture collection 
featuring three distinct pieces along with a signature bottle sleeve 
during the launch of Chivas Regal 18 year old limited edition.

The fashion show was based on the Chivas Regal's 
brand heritage, colours, materials and texture 
and paraded by 18 local models,
and 7 inspired fashionably unique bottle sleeve designs 
were also displayed during the event.

i think this is bloody cute!

very gaga-ish.

The host of the night? 
Hitz.fm KK 's very own DJ Cassie!
was definitely looking fab in a fiery red bodycon mini dress! 

weird how SWEET looking models were there. no party girl vibe :/

I was really excited about the fashion show until...
"Is it just me or i feel these looks are really odd!?" 

Now, this just makes me feel like i'm not a girl cuz
I particularly didnt like this fashion show at all. 

BUT! one girl's trash could be another girl's treasure?
I'm definitely hoping its just my taste in simplicity and classics.
Haute Couture might not be my thing :)

I definitely have to thank those who were there with me, 
thoroughly enjoyed the night with good friends and Chivas Regal drinks! 

Cyrus and I with our funny faces

Y U NO -?! inspired
bumped into some friends - good times! 

Many thanks to www.borneocolours.com
and Rungitom for the amazing time and opportunity! 

It was definitely something different and another wonderful memory made.

Cheers, people! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Borneo Street Dance Competition 2011 : Interviewed!

Want to get to know the participants of the Borneo Street Dance Competition a lil bit more? 

Check out what these talented yet friendly dancers have to say when I got the chance to meet them yesterday in the Tang Dynasty Hotel! 

Hype Daft- Ignition
Consisting of  Steve, Kamal, Luke, Mckenzie, Fred and Merald. These guys are inspired by Michael Jackson, and the Jabbawokees. "My mum inspires me as well as she is a dancer too." quips Steve who is the group leader. They started off as the Silent Motion crew, which was quite successful in the recent Showdown competition in KL. "Well, we want the experience and the chance to inspire others dancers. On top of that to send across the message that street dancing is peaceful, profitable and beneficial in so many levels." 

Borneo Crew
With a passionate love for all kinds of dance, KJ is the founder of this locally well known dance crew. This amazing crew started in Labuan,2008 and ever since then, it has continued to impress and inspire many people. "I'm very confident in my crew, we've endured hardships and gain a lot of experience in Korea & Singapore with the big names of street dance." With a tagline - much love and respect, this crew has been performing for huge events by DiGi and Sony as well as joining 8tv's Showdown for two consecutive years. This is definitely the team to watch! 

Holla KK
Inspired by the Borneo Crew, this group of 3 girls and 1 lucky guy have been training for nearly four weeks at night. Armed with loads of confidence and the cutest of names, Twinkle, Mimi, Dingwall, and Anne are ready to prove that girl power still exist (of course, with the help of Dingwall who is the only guy). "We're like family and when we train, it's always fun. Sometimes we even train until 1am." 

Psycho Soul Trixx Gang  
A very interesting collaboration between SM Teknik and SM All Saints, they decided to send 6 of their best dancers in hopes to win this competition. Don't look down on this crew, these guys have won 3rd place in the UMS Battle of the Dances with only one day of training! "We definitely are aiming for the finals in Labuan, I'm confident with this team!"  And when asked how long have they been preparing for this competition, with the cheekiest grin  "One week!" 

LSDC 2.0
6 La Salle b-boys who are currently all in Form 4 have shown amazing talent by going all out and were crowned champions of the 2011 Bakat Interact and also the UMS Battle of the Dances! I was totally blown away! These extremely humble individuals are inspired by their senior -  Fareed who is also training them! "We started this crew earlier this year after being friends for so long and knowing we all love dancing.". Marcellus, Redzuan, Taufiq, Fairul, Ahmad Shahfiq and Shahril are the most cheerful bunch I met that afternoon! 

I'm extremely excited. I know I've said this a few times before but check out my previous post for the general information this event [CLICK HERE]

See you guys there! 

Borneo Street Dance Competition 2011 - R U READY ?

I'm so excited! 
I'm not a dancer but I LOVE a guy with hot abs
and knows how to groove like Chris Brown or Micheal Jackson. 
I'm not saying the dancers in this competition are exactly like them,
but I've heard that our bboys in Sabah are pretty damn good!

Borneo Street Dance Competition 
2011 (BSDC) 
is proudly brought to you by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Sabah. 
U gotta love them! 
Check out their Facebook page [HERE]
and also the BSDC page here [HERE]

Be there to support the youth 
in their quest to be 
the Champion 
among all street dancers! 
When?  19th of November 2011
Location?  Palm Square, Center Point
Time?  10am until 7pm
Special performance by Adam of Akademi Fantasia 2 and surprise guest judges! 
So I was the only official blogger that got to go 
and meet the dancers at Tang Dynasty yesterday.
Its quite sad actually, i had to be there alone.
i guess thats the advantage of me having such a flexible worktime, 
but the disadvantage would be... forever alone.
Okay okay, back to business. 
here are some of the
that should be understood by all dancers. 

There must be no obscene gestures (eg, middle fingers)
For the ladies, please dress appropriately, not obscenely!
(you are not Christina Aguilera's Dirrty Girl)

Dancers are awarded 
30 points for choreography 
30 points for creativity
25 points for synchronization
15 points for attire & technique

The dancers i met and spoke to were all really friendly and 
sporting. Not forgetting, some of the guys n gurls were REALLY hot! 
*no joke*
Wishing only best and
GOOD LUCK to all the dancers!
Upcoming Post! 
Wanna know what the dancers have to say? 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ah Yen : Rest in Peace, my friend.

This year has been filled with many first-time experiences for me. 

how on earth does a dump-waiter(food lift) lose control to the point of killing ur worker!?

A friend of mine and of so many, 
who is widely known as Ah Yen 
died tragically at her workplace 
last Sunday by a dump-waiter (food lift).

Its just this particular first time experience that makes me
feel absolute sadness, some regret and slightly anger.

Absolute Sadness
Why would God take her cruelly away from people whom she loved 
and who we love deeply?

a good daughter and friend indeed.

She was 2 years younger than myself, 
just beginning to live life, just found a loving partner,
and dutifully supporting her family financially. 

read more about her here : [Click Here]

To all her friends, 
she was the one who made us happy 
and takes the time to accompany you when you feel lonely, happy, or sad. 

As i rushed from the Rock Climbing Center to the hospital
after receiving the news on Sunday evening,
all i could do was stop myself from panicking and when i finally made it...
only faces filled with tears,grief, shock and agony at the doorway.

She's passed away minutes before i could make it to the hospital. 
I'm not sure you guys know how a failure i felt at that moment. 
how i should have driven faster, run faster, 
not care about trafficlights or rules.
i could have made it just a few minutes earlier 
to tell her that she should fight on and not leave all of us. 

but no, she left cuz God called her home.
i'm not angry at God.
i never would but, it would be nice if He gave us a sign or something
so we could have spent more time with her.

the last time i had a meal with her.

Rest in Peace, Yen. 
Do not worry about a thing. 
You can finally see your mom once again. :)
She would be so happily proud of you and all of your achievements.
i'm sorry if i ever hurt you.
i pray that you are happy now, that you never need to suffer again.
as friends, i'm so proud to have known u.
Be happy up there and enjoy life with God.
you're finally home.

While i knew life is short, 
i had a few opportunities to have drinks with Ah Yen
yet i stupidly passed it off. 

Always thinking or coming up with excuses like,
"There is another time for that" 
"Next time la."
"When I'm not so busy next month"

Well, guess what? 
There will be no next time.
I'm so sorry, kawan. 

I learnt my lesson now , i can only pray really hard that i will meet you soon one day
with all of our friends and we'll be laughing together again.

the tears will soon be over, you have showed us that life is truly fragile.
we should cherish one another, forgive and forget bygones.
a friend like you is hard to find but you made it so easy to keep u in our hearts forever.

Slight Angry
I know this might be slightly at the wrong time to feel angry
but i have my reasons.

it says "a famous restaurant"only. what rubbish reporting!

KK is definitely a small town 
but that does not mean that reporters can be paid to not publish the whole story
and withhold the name of the restaurant which caused Ah Yen's fatal end.

NONE OF THE NEWSPAPER would tell us which restaurant.

No one wants an accident. 
but who are you to hide the truth from the public?
Does the public not have the right to know which restaurant 
did not adhere or practice safety in their daily operations?