Monday, October 29, 2012

Wellness Journey 2012 : Health, Spa, Beauty

It's back!
The second Sabah Wellness Exhibition returns bigger and better than ever!

With more exhibitors, means more good stuff coming your way. 
That is only if you are coming for the awesome exhibition, of course ;)

Exhibition will be on the 
24th & 25th of November 2012
at the Sabah Trade Center, Kota Kinabalu. 

This event will have 3 key components:-
an Exhibition Gallery 
This year, the exhibition will be designed in a way that visitors
will be guided through a one-way flow of traffic pathway lined up with products and services
by prominent players of the wellness and lifestyle industry. This ensures the visitor to experience everything the exhibitors has to offer. Thus naming this year's exhibition as Wellness Journey.

a Wellness Conference 
a 2-day forum centred on presenting information and talks delivered by a number of prominent players in the health and wellness industries. Featuring 6 international speakers this year, including Singaporean wellness coach and consultant Julina Halim; Australian traditional  and complementary medicine specialist Professor Gerard Bodeker; the Canadian founder of Biossentials, Joanne Bruce; Malaysian herbal medicine expert dr. Sivakumar Kumaresan; Austrian health and wellness consultant Karina Lipold; and Singaporean wellness magnate Micheal Loh.

To sign up for the conference, do it online [CLICK HERE]

a series of Enriching Workshops
Conducted by leading experts in the field., these free workshops will teach attendees the ins and outs of different wellness disciplines and activities, providing a hands-on learning experience which ensires that guests will leave equipped with new and innovative ways to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of their won homes.

Jointly organised by
Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association

Sponsored by
Lactovida (M) Sdn Bhd
Nes Health 
Xtremechi Suria Sd. Bhd.

To be kept up-to-date 
with all the happenings of this prestigious event, 

join their Facebook page 

check out their official website

My New Sponsor! - RaymondChuPhotography

Raymond Chu 
with an undying fascination of capturing moments on film.

I have only known this guy for a couple of months,
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He sat there for hours 
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i got my dream blog design. 

i'm technogically challenged.
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Not only talented with website designs, 
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 definitely not new to being a wedding photographer.
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maternity pics

best of friends

at Lava Resto & Bar

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Friday, October 12, 2012

KK Burger Bakar @ Tanjung Aru

THIS is what a typical boring burger looks like.

With its measly shredded lettuce,
 a single slice of cheese,
small, thin and dry meat patties,
 it's no wonder so many of us grow bored of it really quick!

You wanna know what a real hunk-a-chunk of a burger looks like? 

THIS is how real burgers should look like! 

Only real food lovers would appreciate this beauty! 

omg. i'm making myself drool. 

Find this outlet 
 KK Burger Bakar
 at the Open Food Court beside the Tanjung Aru Plaza.

Those of you who are gonna try it earlier than me, 
please let me know how a piece of this heaven taste like!