Thursday, May 24, 2012

That guy is ....YOU?

I've heard it all before.
Women complaining about their men.
"My man doesnt warn me before he farts!" 
"We dont get enough private time together!"
"I think I'm dating an immature little mama's boy."
"Men DO NOT know how to communicate their feelings la..."
"Why cant he be like Enrique Iglesias?!"
"The dude is all talk, no action!"
"The guy cant commit. Chicken shyt."

I can go on for hours. 
And reveal MORE of what goes on 
in a women's durrrrrty little discussion sessions 
about our male partners.
But like the men, women have their own 'Bro Code'
Its called ... Sisterhood!
 Or it could be called Girl Power, or Females Unite...
Or it might be the Bitch Club. 
Honestly I dont know. *facepalm*
epic fail. 

Just a short list of the most common complains i've heard about the males.
If you're a girl, maybe you can add on to the list by commenting.
If you're a guy, maybe you might identify yourself with one of the following,
and hopefully you can make some changes to make your girl happy. ;)

1. The Insanely Possessive

  PUH-lease la... stop smothering your girl. 
constantly texting or calling us to ask
"where are you? what u doing? who you with right now?" 
 is such a turn off. bloody annoying.. 

u should learn to trust her, and if you dont, 
remind me, why are you still dating her?

2. Temper Temper

maybe i hang out with girls that just will not accept 
having to live their life trying to walk on eggshells 
or navigate through a bloody bombmine.
He loses his temper real quick and yells the entire house down, or
decideds to try angering you as well to have a screaming match.
keep your temper in check or 
go invest in a real punching bag to vent
your stress on!

3. Too Self-Obsessed and Very Vain

i personally had a boyfriend like this,
 and omg... the pain of waiting for him to dress up!
He would take nearly a hour to make sure he's hair is done right,
matching belt buckles, shoes gotta match shirt, ...etc
worst part of dating this kind of guy is, 
all he talks about is about how great he is,
what a stud he was in back then,
the gurls he's got then and now...

Oi~! i'm not gonna date another woman!
 One woman in this relationship is enough!

4. Mr Please-Grow-Up

At some point it’s time to grow up la, guys...
 Ditch the rude statement T-shirts, rockstar hair and gaming addiction!
 Seriously, we just want you to dress and act maturely. 
Too much to ask?

Spend QUALITY time with us.
You dont have to take us out on expensive dates, exotic getaways or
take your entire saving account to buy us that diamond ring!
(although we wouldn't mind that, of course)

Take us for a drive and make it a mission 
to find out what we think about a certain topic, how was our day, 
whats our favourite lingerie brand, make future plans together
or make us laugh like you used to when you were still wooing us.

Well, there is always time and a place to be childlike and have good fun,
but we girls naturally love a mature man with some sense of direction in life. 

5. "LOOK At Those Boobies and that Arse!"

 You may think you are being sneaky, or think girls are blind
 but we caught you glancing at the hot chick as she passed by. 
 Dont you dare deny it!

We know that men are visual creatures,
but it is really hurtful if we are out with you 
and you can’t stop staring at that lady's amazing D-cup boobies,
or that Almost-JLo-Arse chick at the mall.
In my opinion, the worst of all is,
we catch you staring at your ex-girlfriend.
 The level of hurt for this one is...
like you got your heart stepped on by an elephant. 
An obese elephant.

This just TRULY bothers us and it can even ruin the entire evening. 
Want us to check out other men's six packs or their package?
Did i hear a 'no'?

Refer back to Number 4 and learn to act more maturely. 

6. Men are just "all talk"

Probably the biggest complaint from the females about men. 
Most common example
Man : "I'll call you in a while."
Woman: "Okay." 
 *waits for an entire day*
Don't woo us and tell us that you're truly ready for commitment, 
then decide to freak out at the last minute. 
 An even better example is 
telling a woman you are ready for a relationship, 
but your actions completely prove otherwise.
 Why bother getting yourself in this relationship if
all you want to do after work is sit in front of the tv/computer?
And it takes you half an hour to reply us on your handphone 
when we replied you almost immediately after you texted us first! 
You are not Barney Stintson. 
While its cool if you are almost-like him,
showering us with compliments, sweet words and gifts are acceptable 
but please don't waste our time and energy by declaring your undying love.
We might do something crazy, like... believe you.

Be genuine with yourself and with us,
we would appreciate it so much and respect you a lot more. 

7. Mommee's Lil Boy 

I don't know how to start. Wait. 
Are you going to run to mommy right after you read this?
I'm dating Y-O-U. 
Not your mom, just you.
So please understand when we just feel turned off when
you invite your mom to join in on our movie date. 
You wont like watching a movie with our dad seated beside you. 

 8. Stone Cold

We know you would like us to think 
you are such a gentleman,
always wanting to make us happy 
and letting us make 'important' decision for the both of us.
"Anywhere is fine. I eat anything. I'm fine with everything. 
The more the merrier, you call them la. You make the plans, I'll be there" 
It just makes us think guys are no fun, uptight, dull, 
takes no initiative to plan any dates, or 
who never have any ideas about where to go for dinner, vacations or activities.
If you are like this, 
 it’s time to wake up and find your passion. 
Put a little energy into the relationship. 
We think this is boring and yes, it stresses us out too!