Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Simple Pleasures of Blogging

I'm just about to post all my overdue posts and pictures
but before that, what do you guys think of the new header? :D
like it? hate it? or want the old one back?

this one is not as huge as the last one
and it definitely is without the Syok Sendiri factor.

just some pics to kinda summarize
this year in the blogging world. 

at the Chivas Regal party with Bev!

off to Kudat,Tip of Borneo with my fav Vanessa!

with Herng, my soul brother

Just us gurls enjoying the white sands of Karambunei

my very own Shopaholics Bazaar with Shawn and my gurlie Andrea <3

2nd day of the Shopaholics Bazaar with childhood friend Mo!

drinks at Boutique Cupcakes with Dennis and Bev
partying with the dance-crazy Tom and Sherrie
Face2Face party at IceBar, many thanks to Dino!
At the Preloved Treasure Hunt brought to you by PrettyWildDiva with Bev and MeiTzeu

I wanted to end this year with great memories that 
blogging has brought me.

New opportunities, friends and experiences. 
all great and truly special.

Here's a 
sincere and heartfelt 
thank you 

for being really friendly and encouraging me 
in many ways to continue blogging,
giving me the awesome opportunities to attend great events,
and being my friend! 
omg... i sound like those freaky kids with no friends! eeek!

And everyone of you who reads, or is reading my blog,  
(or made me smile, even if its just a lil bit) 
those that have made a positive impact
on my blogging experience thus far! 

Enjoy Christmas and the New Year celebration.
God bless! 

P/S : eh eh eeh... dont forget to tell me what you think of my new header! ;p 
-bearhugs- thank you.