Monday, April 15, 2013

My New Sponsor! : Pinkz Ladiez Shop

I'm so excited 
to introduce to you ...

They have almost
 everything a girl would want 
when it comes to looking and feeling good about yourself!

The craze of being 
slimmer, healthier, and prettier 
with their huge range of beauty products is no longer a dream but a reality! 

My top picks are these

Rice Milk Soap 

Japan BIJINSENMON Beauty series

2N Beauty V-Line Series

Acai Berry XS series

After meeting the people behind the Pinkz Ladiez Shop,
 I was given the Acai Berry Living XS product! 

It's basically an anti-oxidant product 
that is great for the skin and is said to boost metabolism 
(good for those who wanna lose some weight)! 

And so, I was your little white experimental lab rat for a month.

Less pimples and no more double chin! omg yay! 

The result? 
i lost 3(three) KGs 
with NO diet and NO exercise! 

I just continued my daily life in the office everyday like normal, 
only taking one pill in the morning before breakfast and one pill before dinner! 

Of course, they have more than what i have posted here. 
Do check them out! 

Extremely friendly and fast service too!

Based in Kota Kinabalu, so no worries.
Yay for the female shoppers! 
No need for loooong waiting periods! 

Click Here :  Pinkz Ladiez Shop on Facebook

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Food Lovers UNITE! : KK Food Festival 2013

The 3rd Kota Kinabalu Food Festival (KKFF) 
is finally here again!

This year, its bigger and definitely better with a month packed full 
with more than 25 participating restaurants

Aubergine Bistro's The Fun Dining Experience 
Lucky Bean's Pamelo Mango with Pearl
Malisa's KKFF Menu

Nagisa's Festival Bento Set

Newspaper Cafe's U.F.O dish 

So much food to eat and enjoy with your close ones! 

Starting from the 1st to the 30th April, this annual event promises great dining experiences, dozens exciting festival menus, and a whole lot more. 

Bella Restaurant's A Taste of  The Mediterranean 
Kampung Nelayan's Braised Crab Meehoon With Superior Sauce

Red Place's Seafood Tom Yam Spaghetti with Crispy Chicken

The Retro Club's Big Bad BBQ Ribs 

KKFF is organised to showcase several of Kota Kinabalu's best and most well-loved restaurants, with the interest of giving the local food and beverage industry even more of the attention it deserves. 

I've been to almost half of these restaurants 
and it's absolutely YUMMY
Just simply try their signature or recommended dishes, 
and you wont be disappointed! 

90's The Restaurant & More - Herbal Chicken 
Hungry People's Ayam Penyet Special 

Shang Palace's Chef Creations 

Silk Garden's Braised Superior Stock with Cod Fish & Phoenix in Lotus Root

Tasty Wok's Golden Fried Slipper Lobster 

A main highlight will also be the Opening Bazaar which will be held on 6 and 7 April, from 11:00am to 8:00pm at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. The Opening Bazaar will introduce all of the festival's participating restaurants to the hungry public, offering a chance to showcase fine food or sell products in a very visible space. 

Come and sample the amazing food! 
If you can't make it to the bazaar (booo!) ,
then make it a date with your loved ones to visit the participating restaurants.
There are 25 of them, so... you can visit each one for the entire month! 
YAY for good food at promo prices! 

Bintulu Korean Restaurant's Smoked Duck 

The Golden Dew Bistro's Vitality Set
The Tea House's Taiwanese Style Cold Noodle with Sesame Sauce

Yu Cafe's Crispy Fried Chicken with Pasta Salad

What is a festival without F-U-N? 
Exciting activities will also be held during the Opening Bazaar such as a children’s colouring contest and games including the Buy and Win where visitors who purchase anything above RM20 at any of the participating booths will have a chance to participate in the Yummy Pick and win attractive prizes.  

Bomber's Burger - Taste of America
Ferdinand's Carre' Di Agnello 

Get it now! 
The easiest way to be kept informed on all the upcoming festivities
 is to grab the official (and FREE!) KK Food Fest Magazine!  

Brooklyn Restaurant's Grilled Sea Bass
Emperor's Delight Signature Dish

This sexy Acer ICONIA is yours
if you win by joining the super easy contest of 

Look out for a special KK Food Fest board 
which will be rotated at Suria Sabah, Citymall and the Terminal 2 Airport. 

The board will display the QR Code of each participating restaurant and by scanning the QR Code, the public will the entitled to join the Scan and Win contest. 
Almost too easy! Join now! 

Cherry Restaurant's Special Flavor Prawns

The CHUB's Grill's Flamed Grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak

The Sabah Industry Food Expo (SIFE) 
will also be held at Suria Sabah on 20 to 21 April. 
This expo on the other hand will highlight bakeries and food manufacturing companies.

The Chinese Restaurant's Signature Peking Duck 
Cristao Cafe & Grill's Pulled Pork Burger

The event is organised by Maxx Media Sdn Bhd 
and is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah. 

Its main sponsors Guinness Anchor Berhad, Saza Rice and Indocafe. 

For further information,

 visit the event’s official site at 


 their Facebook page at