Sunday, November 28, 2010

iPhone4 or BlackBerry?

 suddenly Joyce blurts out ...
" jie? I have to go to the Digi Center." 
in case u dunno, 'jie' means elder sister in mandarin

"What for la? It's so out of the way." 
I was grumpy due to lack of sleep, so i was driving reasonably fast to
get some grocery shopping done. My only motivation to do it at all was 
my mom promising me to let me sleep in peace later in the day.

I had a No-Sleep-For-48-Hours challenge with Alvin. 
Read on my previous post about it if you didnt know about it. 
So yeah.. i wanna get back my ZZZ hours! ;p

 ".....Mom wants to get you an iPhone4..."  
My car screeeeeches into a dead stop when which i was just about to beat the red light.

"Say WHAT?!" 
*insert the most surprised look u can imagine right here*
i sound like the evil daughter that only does work for rewards but, no. i'm not like that ALLLL the time. hehehe. just sometimes. ;p

hmmmm... shall not get my hopes up too high just yet.
i am actually hoping for a BlackBerry handphone.
but an iPhone4 will do just fine.

but seriously, which would be better? i kinda feel the iPhone4 is slightly too stereotypical while the Blackberry is too... boring? No entertainment features but it'll let me get my work done. iPhone4 might just run out of battery before the day is out with my workload.

*thinking. deciding.confused*
tell me what you think?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No-Sleep-for-48hours [not recommended]

what happens when you just know that once you go to bed
and wont be able to wake up in time later in the morning to do sumthing really important?

i guess the most simple and i think the best way to deal with this is to enter the 

and you might be wondering why 48 hours and not 24 hours? 
well, the night bfore this challenge, we were out all night and dawn. when i got home, my parents were just about to get up. so i didn't wanna be labelled 'the bad girl' so i stayed up and prepared breakfast. thus not getting any sleep. ;p epic! 

Alvin had to send a cousin to the airport at 5.30am 
while i had to meet a client at 6.30am.
both of us have a history of being late or not being to wake up early at all. 
so the best way to make sure we'll get things done?
don't sleep. stay awake till all work has been done then only sleep.

in my efforts to stay awake, I.....
  • randomly victimized poor souls on my MSN and Skype. 
  • i drank 3 mugs of HOTTTT coffee.
  • drove up to Signal Hill to check out the view of the city.
  • bought my fav Female mag and newspaper.
  • sat in car at my destination reading and singing to stay awake. 
  • by 6.30am, i felt a baaad headache coming. 
  • guess wat!? i fell asleep in the car in front of St.James primary school! =.= 
  • drank Livita for the first time!
  • watched the latest Harry Potter movie half asleep.
  • Roy fed me his own mix of Cranberry Juice with Rum, Vodka, Red Wine, and lots of Lemon/Lime juice! twas simply awesome... got me into gud mood actually. :D  
  • got scared by a high school junior that knows me but i dunno her at the cinema! T,T 
  • nearly fell down an escalator at Suria Sabah.
 i now SWEAR BY Livita! i was bloody awake and hyper! i couldn't stop talking or giggling! why didnt i drink this for high school and college?! wtf... i recommend this drink if u reli need to stay awake and energetic for at least 5 hours! thats like, additional 2 chapters to study ahead of ur frens! rawk on!!!!

oh and collapsed on my bed... dead tired. my mom was so surprised that i actually went to bed at 9pm sharp. she cudnt stop questioning my lil sister. XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

crazy Sabahan habit! YIMCHA!

there is one word
in KK would use almost everyday. 
 no... it's not a bad word. 

even if you don't say it,
imma bet you'll hear it from your friends/lecturers//boss/pilak /toilet cleaner
or even your parents or grandparents! O,O

imma bet you'll see that word 
in your dreams/sms/facebook chatbox/msn/pingchat/bbm! 
or when ur passing notes in tuition ;p

'yimcha, yumcha, limteh, hercha, minum teh, drink tea" 
if you're a Sabahan, you know this happens almost everyday. 
it's as often as going to the toilet to shit. lol.

but before going into the yimcha craze here in KK, this girl has gotta eat!
i decided to have dinner somewhere i've never tried out before,
ended up at Chat Room cafe in Damai with my sister Joyce and bestie Alvin.
picture credits to the guys at
in my opinion, the best and most famous KK foodblog!
I love the artworks on the walls, the service was good,
the pricing is slightly above average and the food tasted really yummy.
try their bruschettas! friggin ate two plates/ten pieces!

 the portion is HUGE btw! 
great for those who have a really healthy appetite.
& not for those who wanna diet.

okay, back to the yimcha craze.... 
 so, there i was with two of my good friends at Frenz Cafe, Lintas at 11pm. 
picture credits to lysiew -
she's got a really interesting blog of life in Sabah as well!

you will seriously bump into friends here. 

the first 10 minutes of entering that cafe is spent saying
'EH! how're you? where have you been?!'
exchange numbers with the hottie ur frens are with.
then only,  finally finding a place to sit and order.
had a good cup of bubble tea, and the shisha there has improved drastically.
it doesn't choke you anymore but too bad, the flavor doesn't last as long as other shisha outlets. 

i kinda got tired of the terlalu-famous-but-dunno-why YoYo milky tea cafe, 
and the almost identical but cheaper alternative - Easyway cafes. :/ 

if you're from Kota Kinabalu, 
you're definitely going around Damai and Lintas very often 
for the must-do activity everyday = yimcha with friends.

wait.....doesn't that make us sound like old people gossiping in old kopitiams?! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i dun like cartoons but...

i gotta admit, this movie was pretty good! 

And you know what's the most awesome thing about this movie? 
When i heard Metroman(the Elvis Presley lookalike) speak for the first time,
i didn't know it was Brad Pitt! 
I just thought to myself : 
"omg...he sounds absolutely sexxxy but corny at the same time!"  
does that make any sense?! 

The movie started off pretty well, cuz i'm so used to being so bored in the beginning of most movies. But nooooooo, this movie trapped me in a childish trance of watching Disney cartoons! 

just like when we were lil kids watching Pocahontas or Lion King! 
Sitting there not moving an inch, mouth slightly open, drooling, eyes wide open, not blinking unless we absolutely neeeeeed to.... 

you most probably looked like this 
in front of the tv --- >  '(O,O)'  
don't lie... i know u did.  hehehe! 

its just hilarious. fantastic lines. amazing colors. great plot. i love it.
a four and a half star from me, so effing watch it! 

it didn't get a full five star cuz i dun like the girl's body! bad example to lil girls out there. >:(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stupid Drivers Get Their License from Cereal Boxes!

if you're currently a newbie
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (or better known to Ang-mohs as Borneo)
and you get the chance to explore the place by driving, 
you'd probably realise....
the LEFT lane is almost always the faster lane 
compared to the RIGHT lane. 
any sabahan will tell u that. and only then realise that we've been dissing each other.  ;p

for me, i had to learn that the hard way.
I'd always end up at my designated destination late or extremely irritated.
usually, it just might spoil my day la. 

What makes it worse is,
i would meet people who drive the same speed on BOTH lanes together! 
Hogging the two lanes, side by side must be the latest trend.
when u do have the chance to overtake them,
they would usually just give u a blank stare
or they'll start driving faster so that no one can overtake again.

oddly though, you might think only the big and tough cars would dare to start their own entourage/procession on the highway behind them when it's actually tiny lil milo-can worthy vehicles like the Perodua Kancil, Viva, Proton Myvi or Saga.

Quick update of My October!

its already mid November! 
*insert haaappy grin here*
wanna know what i've been up to?

flying kites with friends at the Kinabalu Yacht Club beach!

being a witness and cameraman for my awesome 'gor gor (means big brother)' 's wedding registration!

attended a HUGE charity dinner to help a rural area in Pitas to build their school!

the time where both guys n gurls have fun wif makeup!

drove to Tuaran for the ORIGINAL TUARAN MEEE!
the food monster in me was satisfied!

joined daddy to the 3rd beach at Tanjung Aru to take sunset pictures! <3

 failed attempt to go Kundasang one afternoon. Panda's car tyre exploded :'(
dun u love guys that dun mind sweating it out?

omg i effing luv the local's coconut pudding!

i cudn't find Nemo at Pulau Manukan :'(
i kinda proved that i can be blardy lazy to say it in words of all the things i've been up to... i mean, seriously people, i'm one of the most technologically-challenged young adult you'll everrrr meet! apparently i have an awesome phone which enables me to go online to tweet, facebook stalking, online shop but i just dunno how. ;p and no, it's not an iPhone. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

over and done with-!

I've had enough of feeling like the bad person!
So what if i was the one who ended the relationship?
Does that really make me the villain now?!

Answer these questions below
  1. Would you still be with someone you no longer trust?
  2. Shouldn't we be honest about our feelings in a relationship?
  3. Must a GF report on her whereabouts, who she's yumcha-ing with, what she doing daily?
  4. Can you seriously tahan sumone calling u daily three/four times, multiples texts, countless facebook inbox messages, doodles love n kisses on ur Facebook wall all in one day? 

i can keep going with all these questions but like i've said before, i've had enough. :)  i'll just keep it as short and simple as i possibly can, then i'm going to never speak of this ever again. So here goes, take a deeeep breath peeps!

  • i broke up with him via a phonecall on a beautiful balcony of a Marina Court penthouse (*much thanks to Chung). i no longer had the same feelings that i had before. Before anyone thinks that i was just playing around, i'm just going to say it riiiiiight here : " Hell no." 
  • Mostly because of my own beliefs, i wanna be with someone who shares the same principles as i do. I believe dating is a very serious matter and sex is only after marriage. It broke my heart when i found out he didn't share the same views on the matter. 
  • i tried overlooking it, to forget it and focus on his other qualities. It worked for a while until i found out he had been lying to me on a certain matter for nearly two weeks. I'd try pointing it out many times, but if he still thinks i'm falling for it then forget it. My respect flew out of the window in a nanosecond. 
  • And trying to control is not going to work, hun! You don't have to be my best friend to figure  out that i hate being controlled! I can't stand having to pick up the phone to tell my whereabouts, then continue to answer the same old questions "where are u? what you doing there? who is there? when you going home?" 
  • i think i'm the only girl in the world that kinda hates the cute name calling like " baby, bb, b" or the overusage of "i love u". EVERY SMS,CALL,MESSAGE is filled with this! There should be a limit! I dun feel like its special anymore... 
Okay. i've had enough and i'm stopping right here.
the END.

i can bet you guys feel like you're studying for a pop quiz 
if you've read this whole post. LOL~ 
 pat urself on the back, peeps!
I truly applaud and appreciate you! <3
tell me if what you think, or if you've been thru the same as i did.