Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oi-! Government! What the hell are u thinking?!

You know what? 
I'm so sick and tired of all the local news
i hear on the radio and watch on TV. 

it is as though our Government think 
we, the citizens, are stupid. 

i've just watched the 8pm local news and saw that our government will be giving RM10,000.00 to the relatives of the deceased orphans of Hidayah Madrasah al-Taqwa orphanage in the district of Hulu Langat.
wait. did u notice what i just wrote?  Read carefully once more, peeps. (Look up!)

if you still don't get why i'm pissed?
then fine, i'll let you know.
The victims are ORPHANS! 
Who can say that the others who came to claim the bodies 
are REALLY their relatives!? 

heck! if i were effing poor, and i heard that 
our generous government is giving out 
to relatives of the victims,

so in many ways, our government wishes to comfort the 'relatives' 
of the victims with money.
But think about it, if you were a relative, 
would you let the kid be brought up in an orphanage?! 

And seriously, i feel that somewhere in the middle of all this, 
there's abit of political gain in it somewhere 
due to the fact it's the government giving out money so freely. 
The money is obviously the PEOPLE'S money
thanks to responsible tax payers like us! 
and the government gives it out so freely and easily?! 

From what i know is the orphanage is financed by the government!
The relatives were all crying their hearts out for the kids that died, but  
are you sure that they loved the kid? 

Honestly, i think its bullshit. 
if you loved or even cared for the orphan, 
you wouldn't have left him in the orphanage! 

i want a shirt like this , u hv a choice of Black or White :)

argh! i cant stand this!
i'm sorry you had to endure my rantings, 
but i truly think this is ridiculous!
Way to go, Government! That is how you hope to get more votes, isn't it?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review : Pirates Of the Carribean - "On Stranger's Tide"

Even without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, 
this movie still manages to impress and leave movie goers uber happy. 
I love the songs and the effects. 
For a CrackBerry ( BlackBerry addict) like me, i actually was so into the movie, 
i didnt check my phone at all until the end! THAT GOOD!

For me, 
the Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tide 
rates a fantastical
4.5 outta 5 stars
Cuz i assume they killed off my bible-toting hunk Philip, 
so i'm left hanging on that one.

I was abit bummed when i realized Orlando Bloom wasn't in this installment, 
but heck, my heart is still with Johnny Depp. hehe!
lovable pirate as always!
hot, can?

Penelope Cruz as the elusive Angelica
Can u believe she grew up in her mom's hair saloon? :) no wonder she has awesome hair. in this movie she proves herself an extremely skilled swordslady, and shows a tender side as well as mysterious side that wasnt seen as much in previous installments. 

looking hot even as a pirate!

Gemma Ward
An Australian Model and Actress, beautiful baby-doll like features. She pulled off the part of a mermaid fantastically. I squeaked when she first appeared on screen, i always loved her on the runways of Vera Wang and Klein! And goodness, she can sing! -hearts-

Astrid Berges-Frisbey & Sam Claflin 
Philip, the bible toting hunk of a missionary! i swear he's a hottie with sucha heart of gold! You would giggle when he speaks for the first time cuz you don't hear that kinda talk unless you're in an English missionary school. but gawd, sucha hottie! and the French actress, she reli looks the type that guy would fall for or protect wif their lives, no? :3

this movie is at par with Fast and Furious 5, 
some of u might scream : "HELL NO!" 
WAIT! hear me out, Fast 5 and Pirates is of different genres, i know.
but if i had to choose, it'll be really hard. 
both movies were super nice. Thor as well. 
Dayum, good year for movies eh? 
then the movie freak in me will be happy!!! 

i'm trying to be super optimistic that this movie is gonna rawk without Megan Fox. 
but based on the trailers, the new girl Rosie Huntington Whiteley, a Victoria Secret's Angel/Model... well, she isn't a actress so 
let's hope she has more talent than modeling underwear. 
Here's to hoping we all will be happy wif the new addition of the Transformer human cast, and i feel sad that it looks like Optimus Prime wont be around to help when Megatron destroys the world. :(
Rosie Huntington - i like that corset thingy ;p

Monday, May 16, 2011

Are you the ultimate Facebook devotee? - F2F Facebook Party 2011

if you're in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah... then u've definitely heard about the 
Face2Face Party @ One Borneo Hypermall on the 14th of May (Sat). 
It was all over Facebook and, so don't bluff!

unless you were giving birth to your first born baby 
or your irritating younger sibling stole your car, 
there was really not much excuse to have missed this party! :D 

i went absolutely BALLISTIC when i read Dinoza's email on my Blackberry, 
confirming that i got a ViP ticket to the F2F Party. 
I was grinning madly as though Chris Hemsworth asked me out on a date! *swoons*
yes, the hottie from Thor! Lick-worthy shid be his nickname! lol <3

 i was going through my wardrobe when i thought, 
"Heck! why do i have to dress like i'm goin clubbing? 
it's a party!"  
So i decided to take a risk, not many have seen me in a pink floral dress so i'll do just that! I'm a rebel by nature, i guess. i decided to go all natural with my make-up and try out the already fast-becoming a favourite staple foundation for women and myself - Revlon's PhotoReady foundation. 

My Product Review, read more about it here : [Click]

i have a bad habit. i admit i tend to go abit off track sumtimes. lol! 
BACK to the Event!

got there at 9.15pm, 
far too early if i ever went clubbing but, i'm here to cover this amazing event, 
much thanks to Face2Face!

upon arrival, with my ViP tix!

the beautifully decorated IceBar @ OneBorneo

 apparently, they took the effort to decorate the usually barren iceroom, it's a nice change i must say :)
had a lil fun taking some pictures while i was there abit too far early.
a gurl just can't help herself.

Equalize singing hit songs from Paramore and Bon Jovi!
Equalize performing.
as much as i love to support our local bands, it's just not me to lie. this band has been getting alot of buzz but i dunno if they really delivered. the crowd wasn't extremely pumped by their performances. i waited through 3 songs, and yet the crowd seemed to have slowly lost interest!  :O 

but thank God for JoJo Struys!
who hails from Singapore with her amazing tap dancing skills! the crowd went wild! absolutely blown away with her skill m no one was doubting that she is in fact one of the region's (or the world's) top tap dancers! She sportingly lures two volunteers with a bucket of beer to tap dance with her on stage! haha! Not only is she a brilliant tap dancer, model, and tv personality, she is also an avid animal lover! what an angel :)

video of JoJo tap dancing by Sapphire -  [click here]
still looks sexy after performing! *jealous*

JoJo : "do a Diva pose! "  me: "ohdamnit i dunno how!"

a beautiful sweetheart- JoJo Struys
International DJs from all over the world as well as our own Malaysian DJs joined forced to keep the party people continually pumped up and dancing. I saw a sea of happy people enjoying the groovy beats in the indoor arena. Something really sexy about a guy who knows how to move the crowd with his turntables *frisky face*
DJ Dean at the indoor decks

Blastique feat Ushera - Kuala Lumpur
One Buck Short performing! :D

Headmasta - #1 dance DJ from KL

 and OMG! the gorgeous Che'Nelle! Just in case your memory needs to be refreshed,
Che'Nelle is the superstar who sang "I fell in love with the DJ" - watch the music video here.  After taking this picture with her, she looked my my camera and said : " S95 ? really good camera. "  i had stars in my eyes!
our very own superstar Che'nelle

some of the very happy and sporting people in the crowds! cheers! thanks for the drinks!
i had to walk really far to the back of the crowd to take this pic! *looks at pretty heels*

meeting frens unexpectedly are the best! :')
 this band of four did us Sabahans proud by doing their best and showed some of the foreigners that the local talents can do it just as good! i'm hoping to hear more of them really soon! maybe a concert or two! G'Luck Ang, Jun, Sydney and Poi!
A Sky Collapse Triangle, Kota Kinabalu's superstars in the making!
u gotta be here to believe it when people say Sabahans are like the MOST friendliest people in the whole country. I just smiled, talked abit and we're all friends. This bunch were a really happy and enthusiastic lot! :) see u guys soon! all the best!
Happy bloggers of the night! from Left : Sakuya , Joanna, me and Edgar
 OH! a special shout out to Sapphire! Her great personality and infectious bubbly-ness is truly a gift in breaking the ice and in my opinion, she really made alot of people comfortable with her and each other, soon u can see everyone was having alot of fun! Check out her blog at
can you tell i'm absolutely in love with her artwork!
 This is Jackie Miao (yesh, her name is super unique!) is one of the writers of  (an online local guide) and the host of Twitterfest! She blew me away and i have the utmost respect of what she has accomplished! An amazing woman and someone who definitely inspires me to do better! 
i love bubbles! talented writer Jackie!
amazing lady! - Jackie Miao
 Thanks to blogger Hayden as well, 
for being a gentleman and had taken some photos for me throughout the nite.
*swoons* HENRY GOLDING! i wanted to take a pic of me kissing his cheek, omg! i used to stalk him on tv and i would fantasize that i ....i would.... let's just stop there. you guys are gonna laugh at me. but I LOVE HIM. shyt.

i love DJs, i swear there's sumthing oh-so-tempting about them! maybe it was their accents, or they hv BlackBerries like me! hehehe! it's just an awesome professional phone! *bite that Apple-Lovers*
 Last, but definitely not least, much love and thanks to Dinoza who gave me the ViP tix to the event! He's sucha sweetie! Many thanks to face2face and the Sabah Bloggers! Twas an unforgettable night! 
the suave and sophisticated Dinoza.

 In my opinion, it was definitely a party that united many Sabahan Bloggers/Facebookers/Photobugs which made me feel this is what parties should really be! Two thumbs up for all those who made this event come together, and of course, the super sporting crowd that showed up and joined the party!

Good music, beer, and new friends = laughter, happy pictures and bliss.

one more SS picture upon reaching home :)

to see the entire photo album on my FB :  [Click Here]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whats a party without Facebook updates?

Have you heard about this crazy party on the radio?

well if you haven't, then you obviously haven't been paying any attention to all the buzz from Cassie and Rica! It's the facebook party, face2face! and I've been so lucky to be able to go! It's going to be a really awesome event as there will be the best of the best DJ's in town as well as celebrities attending! It is definitely going to be a memorable event and a huge highlight of the year!

I'll be going tomorrow and if you've got energy and ample time, get your tickets now! From what i hear, tickets are selling out faster than hot cakes. I hope I'll see all of you there in your rocking outfits! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shopaholics in Kota Kinabalu, WHERE R U?

if you're a fashionista in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  then prepare yourselves 


*drum rolls please!*



i'm sorry! *big smile* i cant help it! i'm sooo excited!

anyway, back to *DRUMROLL PLEASE!*


the Pretty.Wild.Diva brings you
at Suria Sabah on the 29th until the 31st of July [Friday - Sunday]!  

we believe it's definitely the first of its kind in Kota Kinabalu!
So, whatever you do, DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!
i personally wanna see all of the fashionable stylistas there!
bring your girlfriends (or boyfriends!)
and make sure you guys are all dressed to impress!

Answer : Be spotted by our team on the 29th, 30th or the 31st July 2011 at our event as the best dressed city chick to win mind-blowingly amazing prizes!
much thanks to our sponsors, of course. :D

if you're too shy to dress up and pose for our cameras at the event that day, but still want to win some of the goodies, submit a head-to-toe photo of your incredible fashionista self!

*it's super easy*
The Online Photo Competition

just submit a photo of yourself ( or with your friends ;p) showcasing your awesome fashion sense to our facebook page

Clueless on how to start? 
1. call up your bestfrens to meet up at your room NOW!
2. dig up all your awesome clothes, bestfrens will be the judge.
3. model your outfits, strike a pose, think of Tyra Banks.
4. make sure you submit the best pic on our page.
5. gather all your manpower on FB to vote for you!

for rules, guidelines, terms and conditions : 
[Click Here]

Some helpful tips ;)
take a pic while looking awesome in college!

wink at that cutie at your favourite cafe! 

super shy about that sexy dress?  take a pic at home then ;)

remember : it's all about fashion! LOVE THAT BAG!

a night out camwhoring can be super fun with boyfie/gurlfrens.
it's all about fashion, people! and yes, guys can join as well if they dare to!
who knows, they might get more votes! :O

"so who is this ... Pretty.Wild.Diva?" 
glad you asked! :D it's actually my gud friend Kthrynn and myself!

we figured that every girl in town has her very own inner-diva. 
and it could either be the pretty princess or the wild rebel type.

for business enquiries on joining the bazaar, sponsors or advertising,