Representing Malaysia in the New York Ford Model Search - Atikah!

At the age of 18, 
do you think you might have won
the Ford Model Search?

You might be doubtful of yourself,
but not Atikah. 
our very own KK top model - Atikah
Representing Malaysia this July,
Atikah will compete against many other hopeful top models 
from over 70 other countries in New York!

Being able to tag along the Breeze Magazine team
for this photoshoot was fab! 
Thanks peeps! -hearts-
Not forgetting superhyperfashforwardblogger Beverly too! 

It all started off with Atikah, the make-up artist, Noor, and Bev 
hunting for the perfect few tops at Metrojaya, Suria Sabah.
I was slightly late, so i joined in the fun of searching for jewelry.

After make up and a short interview by the Breeze Editor - Noor, 
we headed down to the abandoned & burnt down post office.
It eventually became a place for local artists 
to showcase their graffiti works. 


 Sweet, soft spoken and classy, 
I'm wishing Atikah all the best 
as she represents Malaysia in the Ford Model Search 2011 in New York.
And I'm sure she'll achieve her dream in the fashion industry. 


Santafire said…
Love the room and kibar jalur!

All the best, Atikah!
Anonymous said…
What words..