Tang Yuens! MORE PLEASE!

You proud of Namewee?

Your social responsibility

Hello December! Hello Sandakan!

iPhone4 or BlackBerry?

No-Sleep-for-48hours [not recommended]

crazy Sabahan habit! YIMCHA!

i dun like cartoons but...

Stupid Drivers Get Their License from Cereal Boxes!

Quick update of My October!

over and done with-!

please makes me smile once more...

*yanks hair out*

i feel like an OLD lady

hate crying

far too many questions...

quiet down, dear mind.

end of the road?

facing the big screens

patriotic about racism? =.=''

cassette on replay!!!

of ALL humans to annoy me...

toprank -OR-bepranked ?

skin tones differ?

me? work? like, seriously?

oh, u durtay lil thang!

sprinkles of the past

to do list after exams! rawr!

and there you go... lifeless!

being open and thus, aftermath

back to bloggerland @ 21 y/o