Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tang Yuens! MORE PLEASE!

i want more tang-yuans! 
twas a very happy occasion when family members, relatives and the closest family friends come together to prepare dinner, pray to our ancestors, eat dinner and finally, TANGYUANS!!! 

Okok, to be fair to the non-chinese or the i-m-chinese-but-dunno-wth-is-tangyuans. 
Its those colorful balls of glutinous rice! Sumtimes filled with brown sugar, grounded nuts or red bean paste. 

One of the most important festivals that symbolizes reunion as families come together and after today, the daylight hours will be longer thus the belief of more positive energy :) 

So, i hope u guys had a good time with your family, ate yummmmmy food, enjoyed awesome tang yuans! Family first, peeps! <3 p="">
oh! Pictures and updates on my mini holiday to Sandakan wit my lil sister and two frens! Unforgettable food fest it was!

Monday, December 6, 2010

You proud of Namewee?

If you're reading this post, then you most probably know who is Namewee. 
But for those who'd rather know him by his true name, that'll be Wee Meng Chee.The mastermind of the now-famous Negarakuku song which he sang and uploaded on YouTube back in 2006. 

No Malaysian song produced ever since has yet to top Negarakuku, in my opinion la. For the younger generation, i think he's a role model. Not a hero. Not superman. A pretty damn good citizen. One that was concerned enough to write a song, come up wit a tune, sing it, edit the video and effing upload it! I don't know any other citizen who has done that. So, mucho respect to the fella from me.

Seriously, I think we should applaud him for the time sacrificed and efforts he has made to voice out the very obvious discrimination and severe corruption happening in our country. In many ways, he was the one who opened the eyes to many youngsters on these issues. I'll admit, when i heard the song for the first time, i thought : " Omg, so funny la! But hell yeah!" i was so addicted to it while at the same time, i'd tell my friends about it and everyone got the message straightaway - police abuse, racial discrimination, and indolent civil servants. It was a true shame to the government who decided to arrest him under Internal Security Act.What harm had he done? There was no threat to the country, was there?

Since his first song in 2006, Namewee came up with many more songs or videos that showed his concern for sensitive issues or the love to sprinkle abit of foul language to get ur attention on certain issues. I don't mind in the least but one of his more recent video really got my attention. I would really love to watch a short film by a Malaysian chinese! But too bad, i think we wouldn't be able to watch it anytime soon cuz the Government has set a rule for Malaysian short films : "....only movies with 60% Malay language."  Wtf?!

To be completely honest!
I hated these movie : Cicakman, Scenario, Pontianak...etc.  
Why? Because it was a complete waste of time! 

It gave me no sense of pride that there is any improvement in our local movie-industry! Just loads and loads of nonsense! I'm not saying there is no hope, i did enjoy our truly gifted Yasmin Ahmad movies and P.Ramlee productions, but how many other movies can we proudly say : THATS A MALAYSIAN MADE MOVIE MAN! 

So, give others a chance to make serious movies, since the current directors have been given the chance to showcase their talents for so long and only coming up with nonsensical movie which even little children dun bother to go watch.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your social responsibility

“When an issue such as child abuse becomes front page news, there is a cacophony of voices calling for solutions. Some make sense and some don't.We need to separate the wheat from the chaff by finding more effective prevention solutions based on evidence, not on whims and fancies.”

 RUTH LIEW Parental Expert/Author/Columnist
“Children are people too! They need our respect and attention.This campaign against child abuse and neglect wants everyone, young and old, men and women to stand up for children.It is our responsibility to give our children a safe environment to grow and develop. We must no longer wait for social problems to go away. We must do it together! ”

CHARLOTTE FONG Blogger/Student/Volunteer
 " I think it's really up to you to prove to yourself that you do care enough for other in our community or even better, our world. I don't really believe in 'your country' or 'my country', i just know God put us all in the same planet called Earth to co-exist together. So, i think we owe it to each other to look out for one another regardless of age, gender or race."  

 by clicking on my "I'm on Board" hand button right here, you can join in to show your support against child abuse. :) think of all the happy smiles you will see, and all the pain you've stopped! God Bless!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December! Hello Sandakan!

i've turned spotty! 
for the last three days, i've been feeling feverish and thought, 
"omg... DENGUE!!!"

but too bad, due to my vanity, i saw a few spots on my face 
and started screaming down the stairs, 

the minute i sat down in front of Doctor Kheng, 
who has been my doctor since i was born,
he said the funniest thing in the world : 
" why now!?"
"cuz the vaccine u gave me didnt work after 10 years!"
we all started laughing like hyenas and i think people outside must think i was on happy pills. 

my car has been fixed! after 2 weeks being without my baby, i feel so happy to see it and listening to it purrr along the highway! Went out for a drive with Alvin, Ying and Kenny and i couldn't stop smiling at my car. yea... i do love my car a lil too much. hehehe!

OH! i'm planning to drive over to Sandakan for a short visit in mid December! 
Any suggestiosn on GREAT places to eat or AWESOME places to see? 
pretty please and thank you! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

iPhone4 or BlackBerry?

 suddenly Joyce blurts out ...
" jie? I have to go to the Digi Center." 
in case u dunno, 'jie' means elder sister in mandarin

"What for la? It's so out of the way." 
I was grumpy due to lack of sleep, so i was driving reasonably fast to
get some grocery shopping done. My only motivation to do it at all was 
my mom promising me to let me sleep in peace later in the day.

I had a No-Sleep-For-48-Hours challenge with Alvin. 
Read on my previous post about it if you didnt know about it. 
So yeah.. i wanna get back my ZZZ hours! ;p

 ".....Mom wants to get you an iPhone4..."  
My car screeeeeches into a dead stop when which i was just about to beat the red light.

"Say WHAT?!" 
*insert the most surprised look u can imagine right here*
i sound like the evil daughter that only does work for rewards but, no. i'm not like that ALLLL the time. hehehe. just sometimes. ;p

hmmmm... shall not get my hopes up too high just yet.
i am actually hoping for a BlackBerry handphone.
but an iPhone4 will do just fine.

but seriously, which would be better? i kinda feel the iPhone4 is slightly too stereotypical while the Blackberry is too... boring? No entertainment features but it'll let me get my work done. iPhone4 might just run out of battery before the day is out with my workload.

*thinking. deciding.confused*
tell me what you think?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No-Sleep-for-48hours [not recommended]

what happens when you just know that once you go to bed
and wont be able to wake up in time later in the morning to do sumthing really important?

i guess the most simple and i think the best way to deal with this is to enter the 

and you might be wondering why 48 hours and not 24 hours? 
well, the night bfore this challenge, we were out all night and dawn. when i got home, my parents were just about to get up. so i didn't wanna be labelled 'the bad girl' so i stayed up and prepared breakfast. thus not getting any sleep. ;p epic! 

Alvin had to send a cousin to the airport at 5.30am 
while i had to meet a client at 6.30am.
both of us have a history of being late or not being to wake up early at all. 
so the best way to make sure we'll get things done?
don't sleep. stay awake till all work has been done then only sleep.

in my efforts to stay awake, I.....
  • randomly victimized poor souls on my MSN and Skype. 
  • i drank 3 mugs of HOTTTT coffee.
  • drove up to Signal Hill to check out the view of the city.
  • bought my fav Female mag and newspaper.
  • sat in car at my destination reading and singing to stay awake. 
  • by 6.30am, i felt a baaad headache coming. 
  • guess wat!? i fell asleep in the car in front of St.James primary school! =.= 
  • drank Livita for the first time!
  • watched the latest Harry Potter movie half asleep.
  • Roy fed me his own mix of Cranberry Juice with Rum, Vodka, Red Wine, and lots of Lemon/Lime juice! twas simply awesome... got me into gud mood actually. :D  
  • got scared by a high school junior that knows me but i dunno her at the cinema! T,T 
  • nearly fell down an escalator at Suria Sabah.
 i now SWEAR BY Livita! i was bloody awake and hyper! i couldn't stop talking or giggling! why didnt i drink this for high school and college?! wtf... i recommend this drink if u reli need to stay awake and energetic for at least 5 hours! thats like, additional 2 chapters to study ahead of ur frens! rawk on!!!!

oh and collapsed on my bed... dead tired. my mom was so surprised that i actually went to bed at 9pm sharp. she cudnt stop questioning my lil sister. XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

crazy Sabahan habit! YIMCHA!

there is one word
in KK would use almost everyday. 
 no... it's not a bad word. 

even if you don't say it,
imma bet you'll hear it from your friends/lecturers//boss/pilak /toilet cleaner
or even your parents or grandparents! O,O

imma bet you'll see that word 
in your dreams/sms/facebook chatbox/msn/pingchat/bbm! 
or when ur passing notes in tuition ;p

'yimcha, yumcha, limteh, hercha, minum teh, drink tea" 
if you're a Sabahan, you know this happens almost everyday. 
it's as often as going to the toilet to shit. lol.

but before going into the yimcha craze here in KK, this girl has gotta eat!
i decided to have dinner somewhere i've never tried out before,
ended up at Chat Room cafe in Damai with my sister Joyce and bestie Alvin.
picture credits to the guys at
in my opinion, the best and most famous KK foodblog!
I love the artworks on the walls, the service was good,
the pricing is slightly above average and the food tasted really yummy.
try their bruschettas! friggin ate two plates/ten pieces!

 the portion is HUGE btw! 
great for those who have a really healthy appetite.
& not for those who wanna diet.

okay, back to the yimcha craze.... 
 so, there i was with two of my good friends at Frenz Cafe, Lintas at 11pm. 
picture credits to lysiew -
she's got a really interesting blog of life in Sabah as well!

you will seriously bump into friends here. 

the first 10 minutes of entering that cafe is spent saying
'EH! how're you? where have you been?!'
exchange numbers with the hottie ur frens are with.
then only,  finally finding a place to sit and order.
had a good cup of bubble tea, and the shisha there has improved drastically.
it doesn't choke you anymore but too bad, the flavor doesn't last as long as other shisha outlets. 

i kinda got tired of the terlalu-famous-but-dunno-why YoYo milky tea cafe, 
and the almost identical but cheaper alternative - Easyway cafes. :/ 

if you're from Kota Kinabalu, 
you're definitely going around Damai and Lintas very often 
for the must-do activity everyday = yimcha with friends.

wait.....doesn't that make us sound like old people gossiping in old kopitiams?! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i dun like cartoons but...

i gotta admit, this movie was pretty good! 

And you know what's the most awesome thing about this movie? 
When i heard Metroman(the Elvis Presley lookalike) speak for the first time,
i didn't know it was Brad Pitt! 
I just thought to myself : 
"omg...he sounds absolutely sexxxy but corny at the same time!"  
does that make any sense?! 

The movie started off pretty well, cuz i'm so used to being so bored in the beginning of most movies. But nooooooo, this movie trapped me in a childish trance of watching Disney cartoons! 

just like when we were lil kids watching Pocahontas or Lion King! 
Sitting there not moving an inch, mouth slightly open, drooling, eyes wide open, not blinking unless we absolutely neeeeeed to.... 

you most probably looked like this 
in front of the tv --- >  '(O,O)'  
don't lie... i know u did.  hehehe! 

its just hilarious. fantastic lines. amazing colors. great plot. i love it.
a four and a half star from me, so effing watch it! 

it didn't get a full five star cuz i dun like the girl's body! bad example to lil girls out there. >:(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stupid Drivers Get Their License from Cereal Boxes!

if you're currently a newbie
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (or better known to Ang-mohs as Borneo)
and you get the chance to explore the place by driving, 
you'd probably realise....
the LEFT lane is almost always the faster lane 
compared to the RIGHT lane. 
any sabahan will tell u that. and only then realise that we've been dissing each other.  ;p

for me, i had to learn that the hard way.
I'd always end up at my designated destination late or extremely irritated.
usually, it just might spoil my day la. 

What makes it worse is,
i would meet people who drive the same speed on BOTH lanes together! 
Hogging the two lanes, side by side must be the latest trend.
when u do have the chance to overtake them,
they would usually just give u a blank stare
or they'll start driving faster so that no one can overtake again.

oddly though, you might think only the big and tough cars would dare to start their own entourage/procession on the highway behind them when it's actually tiny lil milo-can worthy vehicles like the Perodua Kancil, Viva, Proton Myvi or Saga.

Quick update of My October!

its already mid November! 
*insert haaappy grin here*
wanna know what i've been up to?

flying kites with friends at the Kinabalu Yacht Club beach!

being a witness and cameraman for my awesome 'gor gor (means big brother)' 's wedding registration!

attended a HUGE charity dinner to help a rural area in Pitas to build their school!

the time where both guys n gurls have fun wif makeup!

drove to Tuaran for the ORIGINAL TUARAN MEEE!
the food monster in me was satisfied!

joined daddy to the 3rd beach at Tanjung Aru to take sunset pictures! <3

 failed attempt to go Kundasang one afternoon. Panda's car tyre exploded :'(
dun u love guys that dun mind sweating it out?

omg i effing luv the local's coconut pudding!

i cudn't find Nemo at Pulau Manukan :'(
i kinda proved that i can be blardy lazy to say it in words of all the things i've been up to... i mean, seriously people, i'm one of the most technologically-challenged young adult you'll everrrr meet! apparently i have an awesome phone which enables me to go online to tweet, facebook stalking, online shop but i just dunno how. ;p and no, it's not an iPhone. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

over and done with-!

I've had enough of feeling like the bad person!
So what if i was the one who ended the relationship?
Does that really make me the villain now?!

Answer these questions below
  1. Would you still be with someone you no longer trust?
  2. Shouldn't we be honest about our feelings in a relationship?
  3. Must a GF report on her whereabouts, who she's yumcha-ing with, what she doing daily?
  4. Can you seriously tahan sumone calling u daily three/four times, multiples texts, countless facebook inbox messages, doodles love n kisses on ur Facebook wall all in one day? 

i can keep going with all these questions but like i've said before, i've had enough. :)  i'll just keep it as short and simple as i possibly can, then i'm going to never speak of this ever again. So here goes, take a deeeep breath peeps!

  • i broke up with him via a phonecall on a beautiful balcony of a Marina Court penthouse (*much thanks to Chung). i no longer had the same feelings that i had before. Before anyone thinks that i was just playing around, i'm just going to say it riiiiiight here : " Hell no." 
  • Mostly because of my own beliefs, i wanna be with someone who shares the same principles as i do. I believe dating is a very serious matter and sex is only after marriage. It broke my heart when i found out he didn't share the same views on the matter. 
  • i tried overlooking it, to forget it and focus on his other qualities. It worked for a while until i found out he had been lying to me on a certain matter for nearly two weeks. I'd try pointing it out many times, but if he still thinks i'm falling for it then forget it. My respect flew out of the window in a nanosecond. 
  • And trying to control is not going to work, hun! You don't have to be my best friend to figure  out that i hate being controlled! I can't stand having to pick up the phone to tell my whereabouts, then continue to answer the same old questions "where are u? what you doing there? who is there? when you going home?" 
  • i think i'm the only girl in the world that kinda hates the cute name calling like " baby, bb, b" or the overusage of "i love u". EVERY SMS,CALL,MESSAGE is filled with this! There should be a limit! I dun feel like its special anymore... 
Okay. i've had enough and i'm stopping right here.
the END.

i can bet you guys feel like you're studying for a pop quiz 
if you've read this whole post. LOL~ 
 pat urself on the back, peeps!
I truly applaud and appreciate you! <3
tell me if what you think, or if you've been thru the same as i did.

Friday, October 22, 2010

please makes me smile once more...

we talked it over and...
altho it was a lil of bashful confessions and lotsa laughs. 
but underneath it all, i know that i've had enuff of this relationship.

there is just no way of turning this around anymore. i've tried.
like a contaminated bottle of juice... there is just no way of changing it back to fresh juice!
haha! sounds funny but yeah, thats how i pictured it in my mind.
not unless ur the juice and i have the enzymes to de-bacteria the juice. 

its not easy :(
i'll just have to gather whatever courage is left in my previously cold heart.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

*yanks hair out*
i'm seriously trying to be so effing patient and understanding.

there is just no way
that i would explode in my boyfren's face.
or rather, into my darling handphone to my bf's ears.

there is also no way
am i going to go and tattle tale to my dad
even tho he's deemed my bestest best fwen in the world.
who has heard me complain/muse abt nearly everything i cud think of.

for the first time in my life,
i'm actually annoyed at picking up the phone.
like, i was reluctant to see who the caller was.

i'm evil. i know.
i swear i was not always like this.
unless i was back in KL, where being bitchy is cool when you're a tiny teen. some might agree that KL-ites are often quite bitchy. O,O

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i feel like an OLD lady

looks like me right?! 
maybe it's becuz i've not been dating for 3 years,
so i've forgotten how complicated it is to be in one.

i dont mind the complications. its bound to happen from time to time. but once i've confronted it and it happens AGAIN! AND AGAIN! Lord have mercy on my impatient soul, i get irritated. And irritation usually makes me...or anyone easily angry.
i dun like it tho it happens often :(

i think i might have a baaaaaad case of being a people pleaser.
i tend to want, no wait, make that - I HAVE to please people i care about. 

its a bad habit. i know. am trying to get over it.
lets see the list of people i normally go all out to please. hmmmm.... 
  1. daddy
  2. mommy
  3. sisters
  4. besties
  5. boyfriend
  6. closefrens
doesnt look like much but seriously, its effing hard to please any one. it gets harder if there is more than one person to please at the same time. usually its my parents AND my boyfriend.

he's being really... i cant say demanding like how he described himself.
but i'm just not used to having someone keep tabs on me all the time. Its just weird. even my own parents dun keep daily tabs on where i am, what i'm doin, or who i'm with!

i will mengistiharkan right here : " i, charlottefong, cannot stand reporting on my whereabouts, and who i am with at a constant basis. "

Saturday, September 18, 2010

hate crying

might sound childish but yes, i do hate crying.

i can do whatever emotions i want, but crying!
i'd stop myself silly, or i was just try.

The Sad-kinda Cry
  • Even at grandma's passing, i only allowed myself to cry at the hospital. After that, i'd only teared up at the funeral, if it overflows i'll quickly wipe it away. 
  • When my boyfren walked past the departure gates into the airport to go to UK.
  • Getting separated from the main group in NS while doing the navigation thru the jungle test... i was one of the two that tried our best not to cry like the other four bawling babies.

 The Frustrated/Angry/Disappointed-kinda Cry

  • The last time i ever cried like this was.... lemme think.... when my first boyfriend and i were arguing back in 2006. And that made us break-up. That was when i promised to myself : i'd never involve myself in anything related to anger if i were to EVER enter a relationship. but... Eff that! Screw that promise over ten times fold and still, there'd be excess. 
  • so yeah, i do blame myself for bringing this to myself. i dun wanna lose my temper so i held it in. And when i do that, i start tearing up. I told him i'd be back home at one, but i came back at three. understandable, but we kinda had this talk bfore and i foresaw it. i'm not trying to be a smartass by saying i foresaw it. but rather, i already said to him bfore he left that "i dun answer to anyone but myself and God. but i'm trying to change, i'm already telling u where i am most of the time and usually i nvr tell how i feel about another, but now i do"

you might think the solution is simple, "don't hold it in then!" Sorry, no.. to lose my temper is un-christian-like and, I'm just going to be more patient with myself and him.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

far too many questions...

what if ...
  • i never feel 'it's all right' for him to mingle with his exes or past flings?
  • there was a part of me that still worry of what other's think of this relationship?
  • i had waited for him to come back from UK, then only had a relationship with him? 
  • what he said was right about me being swept off my feet by another?
    what if this perfect relationship begin to show signs of imperfections?

    just shoot me now. 

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    quiet down, dear mind.

    im back in that black hole of loneliness and emotional wreck. of course its not even half as bad as it was 4 years ago... 

    this is just a separation, not a break-up.

    i wished i had met him a year ago. or two years ago. then we could have made plans together. but the pessismistic side of me thinks it wud hv been better if i never met him. i'd still be the new me - independent, strong and carefree.

    like a hermit or an anti-social, i just stayed at home ever since he left. this is probably the longest period of time i have spent at home in...more than a year. hahaha! 

    i did cry when he left. and in his house before i gave him and his family a lift to the airport. and another time after he went thru the departure gates. and once more in the airport carpark. another one at the Yacht Club. and the final one of that day, on my bed.

    crazy shyt if u ask me. no one has seen me cry. unless u mean, tearing up at the movies. 

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    end of the road?

    its almost like clockwork now.

    wakeup. smile to see text messages. wait for morning call. wash up and get changed. work. brunch wif boyfriend. watch movie. shisha/dinner with boyfriend. chill at his place. go out with close bunch of friends till midnight. hang out a lil while more at his place. sleep. repeat process. 

    that's the life of a grape planter, peeps.

    but i hold his hand more often now. sometimes i try to hold on more tightly. or even walk abit closer. when i do dare to, i'd hug him or kiss him. i'd stare at his face a bit longer than normal. talk to him abit more about things between us. there's just so lil time left till he leaves. i hate it. i really do hate due dates. in fact, i hate expiry dates.

    if i cud, i'd pack him in a pokeball. 
    and no, i dun watch pokemon but i hv cousins who love 'em.

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    facing the big screens

    i have never watched soooo many movies in a month!
    like seriously, i used to only watch movies once or twice a month. 
    yes, in ONE month.haha! 

    not that i do not enjoy movies, if the movie is really good, then i wud be smiling and all but if it sucks, i guess i've not only wasted the ka-chings but also 2 hours of my life. 

    but gawd, 3D movies are reli a waste of time. especially if its in KK. le sigh.
    but im glad during gud or sucky movies, he's wif me. 

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    patriotic about racism? =.=''

    My point of view:  it's the OLDER generation that have this problem -----> racism. 

    it was already drilled into their mind to be proud of your own race : "we're chinese! / we're malay! Better than u! ...etc" You get the drift. The older generation, let's be MORE specific, such as the babies born in the late 50's until early 80's.

    i shyt u not! think about it!
    how old is Nik Aziz? and what about Haji Badruddin?
    i dun reli have to use this two as the example, but sadly, they seem to be the most famous political leaders for their racist/sexist comments :/

    its not our generation that has a problem with racism.
    (late 80's babies UNITE!)

    not that we are absolutely racism-free but i think without the brainwashing or influence from the older generation, we might stand a chance of a racism-almost-free nation. a chance to prosper, no? :)

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    cassette on replay!!!

    i just found my box of old cassettes! 
    as in those rectangular plastic thingy containing thin film which u put in a radio to play music and they even print stickers to label the band name on it kinda cassettes!

    i'm sorry. 
    i was afraid the younger generation who never had the fun of knowing what is a cassette.
    nor will they ever know how fun it is to screw up sumone else's cassette simply by pulling out the film  >:D

    i did that to Mandy's Matchbox 20 cassette.
    cuz she cudn't stop playing it for hours everyday. it was torture cuz i cant have anything too monotonous in my life. i get bored faaaar too easily. i think its a disorder! hehehe! 

    my fav cassette?
    dun laugh ok? 
    *drum roll please* 
    you ready?
    it's my..... 1.) Disney Princess Collection!!!
      2.) Whitney Houston 
    and 3.) Celine Dion!

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    of ALL humans to annoy me...

    been hanging out alot lately with 2 small bunch of frens. 
    group #1 : alvin raj roy ralph andrea panda ,
    group #2 : wilson kenny louis cass 
    not too close but just orite.
    got irritated alot by a Philippino boy. i feel like im being used and different style of stalking.
    he texts, he calls and he even walks to my house. apparently he lives quite close by! 

    and ... the worst part is... my dog likes him =.=''
    damn the dog.  

    then a few times i do notice myself having a minor crush on him. come to think about it, eeeyuck! emphasizing on the word MINOR and the word CRUSH. 
    definition of crush is you LIKE that person cuz u find that person interesting
    definition of minor is that it is of a small amount, insignificant! 

    so don't you dare go around with assumptions tht i like this guy big time, or i cant forget him, or i'd like to hv a relationship with him. it'd be crazy. i still haven' wait, i will not forget that he scratched my beloved Mercedez with his thumbnail. yeah... fantastic.

    "just polish your car, the scratch will go off!"
    just for your information, arsehole! the scratch is still there even after PRO car wash sessions! 
    piss me off one more time, and i'm going after him to pay up!

    and the worst one to date : he effing took my cash outta my wallet. 
    no friend of mine does that! 

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    toprank -OR-bepranked ?

    i must be pranking MYSELF. 
    or i cud be just plain stupid.

    i kinda knew from the start that it was a bad idea to even start liking him. like seriously, to even consider a relationship with him is exactly like asking my dad to think of becoming a world renown rockstar. He might just give me the do-u-think-i-m-stupid look and carry on with watever he was previously doing. 

    now, i've done the one thing i told myself to not do. 
    prepare to scream/shout/slap me awake to reality.... i said "yeah, let's do this"
    i said that to his suggestion : let's prank Ralph and everyone else.
    lets say we're a couple.

    i really like him. dangit. deep shyt i've dug myself into.
    but i was blinded by the unbiased hatred i had for Ralph. and the fact that i really do like this guy... :/

    :/ right now i'm having a hard time deciding what he does/say is real/fake. sometimes i'd smile my genuinely-giddy-with-glee smile when he says something sweet or awwww-worthy.  

    but then when the lil voice in my head 
    reminds me of reality, i cant help but just give a ' wasted!' 

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    skin tones differ?

     dated an english-educated chinese for too long. 
    kinda regretting it. so yeah, if YOU are reading this (the english educated chinese tht dated me back then), i'll let you know that you were being unfair and mean! its called playful flirting and i've NVR cheated. you did. i just refused to be a gossip monger and tell the  whole church on u. which u obviously enjoyed doing. or maybe it was ur sis. i dunno. i dun care.

       dated a dreamy Johorian malay for a lil while.
    he was sooooooo easy going. its the type of relationship reserved only in boring english movies. where couples would sit down, hv tea, chit chat then hv a walk. he's not much of a talker or a looker but gawd, i thank God everyday he's my dance partner in Akedemi Sri Ledang (the Glee of Kem NS Sri Ledang, Johor! we were AWESHUM!!!) sucha gentle soft spoken guy whose family were so divine in accepting me as anak-angkat :')  imissyoulabuddy!

    but i don't think it wud be wise to suddenly hv a crush on a guy at least three tones darker than myself. 

    im no racist. i hv best friends who aren't chinese. heck! i grew up in KL lah~ high skewl was filled wif them indians and malays. i had an indian bestie for a while... cuz she moved away to shah alam. :( then i lost her number back in form 2. sigh. i still hv my malay close frens too! hehe! but anyway, the point is... i dun think its as simple as a crush. stupid of me, yes. crazy of me, hell yeah. 

    flings = not charlotte. 

    i swear, if i had to. i wudnt go on with this crush. met him thru... i think i shud blardy dedicate this blog to Alvin. he seems to get me into trouble all the time. i met this guy thru Alvin. seen him hang out wif Alvin alot around JP smoking shisha. dunno why he hangs around indians. IM NOT RACIST. ;p just worried he might be hanging out wif the wrong crowd. but im not his momma. i hv this soft spot for anyone from my KK primary skewl days. he's a in rough patch for a while. i dun care wad others say of him, as long he's honest and looks out for me, im doin the same. so shoot me, if he doesn't.

    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    me? work? like, seriously?

    oh come on. i've worked hard for my moolah! ;p 

    i know i look like the pampered princess. hehehe... but nah. i dun like being it.
    weird, kan? 

    hello PCfair! :D
    yesh! charlotte at your service!
    i am the promoter/cashier!

    much thanks to Alvin, my long lost primary one crush and now best fren!
    he's the supervisor of the store so i went for the interview and got hired. i assume there were string pulled cuz i noe nuthin of the tech world. hehe!

    i had one of the best times of my life learning new stuff and meeting a gazillion strangers! yeah, im abit of a kepochi and cannot stop talking even if my life depended on it. no wait, i wud but i'd try to talk myself out of it? not making sense here. hmmm.. *ponders*
    meet the IT family! :) btw i kinda had a major disagreement wif my cashier partner? when i was about to lose my temper to scream at her, darling Leo - a good fren of Alvin, helped me whip her foul mouth :D cant stop smiling at the memories cuz she cried! tsk tsk. evil evil meh~ 

    meiyee and i fooling around on preparation day! :) miss her! 

    gurls just LOVE sales! thats Andy in blue jeans and Leo! 
    Hong and Andy clearing up after 3 days of absolute chaos. fun!

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    oh, u durtay lil thang!

    dance dance dance! drink and a lil camwhoring, please! 
    a lil! i swear! ;p

     been getting into the habit of havin a bit of late-night fun. cuz my fav gurlie in the whole wide world, Cassie is back~! woots! been spending almost all my time wif her whenever possible. obviously, mommy wasn't too happy about it. but back to the happy part! she being the first to introduce to shisha, well, brought me out for more shisha! hahaha! i've graduated in the art of shisha-ing without coughing and without getting high. oddly, i do get high on shisha. like one wud go high after drinking a crate of beer or a bottle of chivas. cass can testify to that! LOL... having me smoke for 25minutes straight then go have fun at Edgar's pub. buduh... cant even walk straight. ROFL.

    the new club - Emperor cud be given a rating of ...hmmm... 4 outta 10. the female Dj was pretty good, but boo to the service and crowd. our groupies took the VIP seatings which was elevated from the rest. so those with mini skirts, ;p  glad ur making the other men happeh! 

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    sprinkles of the past

    i've surprised myself again. with friends la, i mean. finally being able to hang out with decade old frens :) 

    seeing them all grown up, some studying, others working. still amazes me everytime. how far we've come from lil kids in primary school uniforms, with the biggest worries of whether our homework were completed or not. and we can still remember the lil thing we'd do with each other, what we said and what our parents would say to the other. gawd. some blardy embarrassing stories came out, but i've forgotten some tho. so we'd all be screaming and laughing most of the time. hmm... indeed, how far along we've come. 

     an old soul, i am. old soul and a romantic. i cant possibly survive this cold and cruel world. just barely alive from my last break-up, which is also my first and only serious relationship thus far. the others after that, well, i guess there was no harm trying out a relationship with them . but i always did emphasize that i'm not in this for the long run. yes, i did state one condition : we're a couple but it ain't gonna last long. 

    i'm no cold hearted bitch. i can be, but only when forced with a sprinkle of hate/anger. 

    if ever i do find the right guy for a long term and serious relationship, i'd do lil things to make him happy. holding hands and giving him kisses or hugs. buying him prezzies that i think he might like, and cook food for him! LOL heck, the way to a man's heart is often food. tried and tested. im blardy qualified. unless he had better, then poor me. hehehe. 

    but no. there is no man for a complicated gurlie like me. considering turning lesbo. cuz gawd, i've met gurls who'd be perfect boyfrens if only they were guys. blek!

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    to do list after exams! rawr!

    now i know the meaning of being : TOO FREE. 

    exams are on the way. i should be studying every damn minute of every damn day. but gawd, im no nerd-material. much to my misfortune. LOL. i'd love to be a nerdy good gurl. 

    but gah, i'd rather really live life, apart from the norm. i'd be crazy not to! seriously, do i look like the type that would just sit there study? then take a nap, and continue reading? i can, but only in small doses. but i can do practicals like an obsessed workaholic. eg: college and family events. oh yeah~~~

    my to do list!!!
    study for exams. 
    sit for exams ;p
    then have a week of absolute sleep in
    go all out shopping and clubbing for the next! 
    the finale : imma go work wif my daddy! 

    the last part was a bit of a downer but still, excited. this time, imma just work for him. not for mommy! >:P

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    and there you go... lifeless!

    oh the sanity. 

    quite frankly, life is too mundane. so much like clock-work. i've come to realise that i get bored too easily. with anything. except money. or God. or family.

    wait. so that leaves me with .... my daily life?

    wake up. breathe. sleep. shyt. eat. housechores. work. facebook. nap. yimcha. sleep again. there u go.

    i think that is pretty much it. lifeless. i know. :/  sad kan?

    entertain me lovely people! :)

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    being open and thus, aftermath

    "Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you -- who are you to judge your neighbor?" James 4:11-12

    I've become tired of having to justify what i do with my life. Not that elders no longer have a say in my decision makings, but rather the instant disapproval and doubt of the reason i have behind it all.
    As to celebrate my 21st birthday with my closest friends, i had decided to have a night out. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has gone clubbing/pubbing before. that is if, your above the legal age of 18. lol.

    I had the most memorable night out with my closest friends in the world (except for those overseas, u guys are included still! muahx! thx for prezzies and wishes and webcamming! ). 
    i cant remember when was the last time i couldn't stop smiling and all i could see was faces of friends that really matter in my life and have proved over ,over and over again their worth. Their heart of gold and diamonds i definitely cherish my life over.
    Getting drunk was NOT in my to-do list that night.
    believe me. its not my style. ]
    What was on that list was - have a fab time with my party people. period. and i wanted to take loads of pictures. oddly, the crowd in IceBar was amazing. i met long lost friends and some more ex-colleagues as well. and knowing it was my birthday, drinks came and went. much thanks to Calvan, 2 graveyard drinks to top the other poisons provided.

    But i'm not going to point fingers. It was my fault that i let this happen because quite frankly, i'm usually miss lil prim and proper and i've always been curious. So i let curiosity have the best of me just that night. i must say, i truly am thankful of my best friend and the close buddies. they really took care of me when i went under. they stopped me and took me home safely with my belongings. They didnt just leave me at my doorstep but until i'm deposited into my comfy bed. Action truly speaks louder than words. and their entertainment is my pleasure. lol. i know u guys were giggling at the after party 'yimcha' session okay!

    so please, be patient as i try to justify to you on why you shouldn't be mad, nor judge me.

    1. It's unchristian
    v. 11 "Brothers, do not slander one another... anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law."

    In the first place, i think we shouldn't judge one another because we're all part of the same family. We're brothers. Or, sisters in this case. When I see another christian stumble or fall or have a tough time, I shouldn't rejoice in that nor criticize because they're family too. The gift of criticism does not come from the Holy Spirit but from the devil. When we speak against somebody else (including all kinds of criticism, maligning, judging) we're doing the devil's work for him. That's what the devil's job description is. John 8:44 says, "The devil is the father of lies." Revelation says he's the "accuser of brothers." It's unchristian to judge other people.

    2. It's unloving
    We shouldn't judge others because it's unloving. In James 2:8 "Whenever I judge you, I'm breaking the Law." What law is it I'm breaking? He's mentioned it earlier. He mentions it two or three times in the book. James 2:8 "If you really keep the Royal Law found in Scripture, love your neighbor as yourself." James says if you do this you're doing right. When I judge you, I'm breaking the Royal Law -- the law of love -- "Love your neighbor as yourself." We say, "It's just words and people will forget them." People don't forget words. You always remember them.

    3. It's unjustified
    "There's only one lawgiver and one judge." It's referring to God. Only God has the right to judge. It's in God's job description. It's not in your job description to judge people. He has not commissioned you to talk to everybody about everybody else. One of the greatest weaknesses in people is we tend to generalize people by just ONE mistake. If they make one mistake we write off their whole personality. We tarnish their reputation or image for the rest of their lives. If a guy makes a foolish mistake, we say, "He's a fool." But i don't think so. Maybe he just made a foolish mistake in that one particular area. We tend to judge in other people things we dislike in ourselves. Psychologists have known that for a long time. When you see someone who reacts violently to a particular sin usually in their heart it means they have a hang up with it. It doesn't mean they're involved in it. It might just mean they have a fear that they will be involved in it. We always tend to react to our weaknesses in others.

    I love you guys. But really, screaming over the phone, texting, emailing or even msn-ing me about "how stupid my friends are, how i'm wasting my special one day that way, i'm stupid to get drunk, where are your priorities,...etc." is not really not needed. But thank you still for u spared the time to advise/yell at me. Because, i know it in myself that i'm not a druggie nor an alcoholic. I made a mistake getting drunk that night, i admit.

    Clubbing in my opinion is not a sin. It may be associated to drugs and prostitution, but that was so yesterday. Today's world is slightly different, i choose to go to have a good time dressing up, singing, and dancing with good friends. :) of course, i enjoy my cup of poison.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    back to bloggerland @ 21 y/o

    i've stopped blogging for more than a year.  but...

     sigh. im back to ranting :)

    omfg... I'm 21 years-old! 
    turning twenty one was errrr-maaay-ziiing!!!!
    the 3-day celebration was truly memorable! thank you Daddy and mom, Joyce and my best friends, and the college bunch! - I love ya'll! 

     the cassandra-surprise was EPIC. thank you for coming back from KL for my birthday! i cudnt ask for anything else or more from you! and Amelia, Alvin, and Brendan, you guys are awesome with all the planning and taking the day off from work!
    the presents were bonuses :)

    argh! i love you guys from the tips of your hair to the end of your toes! mwah!

    i forgot how the saying goes.
    it goes something like this :
    "out of ten experiences in life, nine would be bitter, only one will be sweet." 
    i cant help but to bloody agree wif it. 

    this was one helluva sweet birthday. 

    evening beach fun @ the Yacht Club. Losers get waxed! hehe
    Cassie! my fav partner in crime!  @ Twins Pub
    party like a Rockstarrr~! Kenny n Fabs!
    epic high with Cass n Bren!

    Panda drinking girly Babylon drink - compliments from IceBar.

    i got drunk for the first time after a long time of drinking. blardy good fun. im not uploading the drunk pics. you can find'em on facebook. no wait, you gotta have cassandra's facebook to see it! waahahaha! 

    Life is good.