Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movie Review : Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon

My excitement for the movie wasn't wasted at all! 
MICHAEL BAY i love you!

working his magic is the great Michael Bay himself!
i don't really wanna spoil the movie for anyone 
so there wont be much revealed.

but honestly, 
 this movie is a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
u might be goin HUH!? 
but you said on Twitter it was a 5 star movie! 

oh! Follow me on Twitter & i'll follow back ;)

Rosie Huntington and Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey in this movie wont be the hearthrob charming doctor
as he was in Grey's Anatomy on TV.

In fact, you'll be greatly surprised how significant his role is!
Even though he is the playboy car racer who tries to woo
the Bratz-barbie-doll lookalike lingerie model Rosie Huntington.

Which my guess was right!
Read my pre-premiere post about it!
[Pre-Premier post on Transformer 3] 

Rosie cannot act for shyt. 
Just like how Justin Bieber could not act on CSI.
Throughout the whole movie,
she was just the pretty face that can run for hours in her high heels.
 either her heels are made of steel or her tolerance to pain is pretty damn high.

And the only emotion she can pull off is SMILE.
Manipulative? No.
my pet dog could have done better.

the usual victim of Decepticon bully case
Shia returns once again as the star of the movie.
Noticed how it always starts off with him being victimized
and he has to run like, 10 miles before he gets any action?
just saying.

i love this character.
slightly dorky but oh-so-lovable.
after graduating college, Sam Witwicky has problems finding a job.
definitely something the younger generation can relate to,
right after complaining, he gets the most perfect job in the world.

he gets to be HIMSELF.
which is fighting alongside the Autobots against the Decepticons.

oh! u gotta love the part where he yells at Bumblebee
and how he screams like girl during a car chase!
i choked while laughing.

not to reveal too much, as usual i'm on team-autobots!

like what Tyrese says in the movie
" why do the Decepticons always get the good shyt?! "

Team- Autobots! <3
 i find the lack of affection and communication 
between Optimus Prime and Sam Witwicky abit upsetting. 

the only one sentence of significance was exchanged. 

Optimus Prime : 
"...You may lose faith in us, but never in yourself..."

i like how the twisted it was that ... 
wait! i'm not supposed to tell you.
or i suspect some of you might start sending hate mail
for spoiling the movie for you guys. 

argh. ok. 
so there is a rather surprising villain in this  movie.
REAAAALLY surprising.
like, you would not have suspected that person to be the villain. 
oh no, there are two unsuspected villains :) 

Anyway, to be precise and avoid going off topic again.
it was a great movie. 
The guys would love it thanks to the fanstastic action,
not forgetting Rosie is pleasing on the eyes thanks to her ass assets. 
The 'love' between Shia and Carly cant be felt. 
Its as thought he's taking care of a good friend 
whom he gets to kiss from time to time <--not bad!

have to end this post with what i found on ebay!
too cute!
something i wud actually buy! :D

Monday, June 27, 2011

say "TRANSFORMERS!" in your most robotic voice!

oh yeah~!
that's exactly how excited i am to watch  the premier of
Transformer 3 : Dark of the Moon
tomorrow midnight! 
*screaming in absolute excitement*

what is goin on my crayzee lil mind right now?
gawd. you wouldn't be uber surprised. 
  1. How the hell is Megan Fox gonna be replaced?  I'm thinking the story might go like, Mikaela broke up with SamWitwicky that caused him to end up with Victoria Secret's bikini angel Rosie Huntington Whiteley. I admit, she is super hawt, but the cutesy type. Unlike superfirelaserburninghawt Megan Fox. Definitely something I'm gonna be watching out for.
  2. What information can the humans hide from Optimus Prime and clan? Aren't they like super smart? And they can dig information via satellite or something, like how they did in the first movie? 
  3. There is no way that humans can beat Decepticons all by themselves! WTF! I kinda assume that Optimus Prime and clan might feel sympathetic and come back to save them all. They can't leave us! You guys fought so much for us in the last two movies to give up now! 
  4. Is the movie time abit too long? 2 and a half hours long! O,O oh man... i'm gonna wear pyjama pants and bring extra cushion for my soon-to-be-flat bum!
    here's to hoping that Michael Bay can impress all of us 
    with this latest installment. 

    i'm actually thinking that the hottie
    that replaced Megan Fox might just do that. -,-
    le sigh~

    what do you expect from a blondie who models bikini
    and wears angel wings?
    doubt she can act, unless in lingerie. 

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    KK Jazz Festival 2011 : My First, Definitely Not The Last

    Call me a skeptic,
    because that is a part of me. 
    I was definitely expecting boredom
    when i'm at the KK Jazz Festival.

    But of course,
    the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu wouldn't let that happen.
    How silly of me to even think of that! 
    (I'm trying to save my own arse, cuz i met old family friends there!)
    Tee hee!

     the heartiest thank u!
    to Daniel & the RungiTom
    for giving me the opportunity to be able to
    cover this event for two whole days!

    try out Origin's beef balls! *drool-worthy*

    popiah fried to per-fec-tion!
    had a light lunch with the sweet n uber-friendly Tom, a fellow blogger (check out his blog!) before heading to Sutera Harbour for the KK Jazz Festival's Press Conference. Not only do i love their cocoa-mint drink, their beefballs are so good! shyt, i'm imagining myself eating it already. 

    eh! back to the story! 

    the entire fleet of performers prepping.

    Indonesian singer - Lucky (pronounced Loi-Ke) answering questions.

    abit of name calling from the front lady of the band Elixir.


    Serena C - the local DJ cum Event Host!

    JUZZIE SMITH! sucha talented hottie from Australia!

    a very Neyo- feel to their music~! <3

    Lucky Octavian after their performance!

    Lucky and i before his TV interview

    the very well-decorated venue - Sutera Harbour!

    S.I.A's very own Little Jazz Band rocking it out!

    Momain Blues from KK! 

    Hata Mariko from Japan performing!

    Zyan - Bossa Princess in action

    the crowd fav - Juzzie Smith (One Man Band)

    something for the REAL jazz enthusiasts - Benny Lackner Trio

    Aseana Percussion Unit was the best closing ever! PAAAARTY!
    thanks to Tom, i had a great time partying
    to Asean Percussion Unit from 10.45pm till close to midnight! 
    Met so many friendly fellow Sabahans
    that danced together! (hope to see u guys again)
     and got invited to Australia 
    by two super friendly Australians, Liz & Tom 
    who has been travelling in Borneo for 2 weeks!

    Tom & Liz with the supertalented Juzzie Smith!
    I gotta say the various performers there that two nights
    really gave me a chance to change my perception towards jazz a lot.
    i used to think Jazz was boring and slow, only appealing to the older generation. 

    But surprise surprise! 
    I'm hooked to Jazz as well,
    i've been listening to all their songs on youtube, 
    and yet again, Juzzie Smith has the most videos on youtube 
    compared with the rest of the performers that were at KK Jazz Fest. 

    Congrats to the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu,
    this festival has been a real success, true and through. 
    And for the first time, i noticed the sound system was perfect. 
    i'm not exaggerating. 
    Not a single glitch throughout the whole 2 nights! O,O

    So yeah, now i truly understand 
    why everyone was so excited to go for this annual Jazz Fest. 
    If this is going to be held again next year,
    and promises me the same amount or even more fun,
    cuz like what the title of this post states,
    "my first, but definitely not my last Jazz Fest!"

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Support Our Local Music Industry : Mizz Nina & Friends

    A lil while back,
    i was very fortunate to be given an opportunity
    to once again tag along the Breeze team and Beverly
    to cover the Mizz Nina & Friends press conference
    at the Grand Borneo Hotel. 

    at first, everyone was being reli quiet.

    There was a slight awkward silence between the media and the artists
    just before DJ Cassie came along and fixed it
    with her bubbly, almost cartoon personality!

    DJ Cassie from

      After a laugh or two,
    everyone was happy introducing themselves,
    questions being thrown all around,
    the sound of digital handycams & DSLRs going off like crazy.

    I know i might be in danger for saying this,
    but i joined the first 10 fans ( so i'm the 11th? ) to get their autographs.
    I just wanted pictures actually, but you cant go in
    unless you're one of those fanaticals that
    can answer any weird questions about their idols.

    Here's the problem, i'm not a HUGE fan. 
    I've heard their music and i'm pretty fine with it.
    But i don't even have a poster or a CD.
    So, what am i going to ask them to sign on?
    My face or arm?
    Boobies or butt wud seem too desperate. lol

    Thank God for Bev.
    She bought a Mizz Nina CD and her own notebook. 
    so there you have it!
    the ultimate cover-up as a fan!

    So, i joined the mad throng of fans to get their idol's autographs.
    With the sweetest smile i could muster,
    i said : " Hi, could you sign this for me? It's for my friend over there. She's a lil shy. "

    Oddly, it was a great ice-breaker.
    i got chatty with Joe Flizzow and Sona One.
    And when Joe found out i used to live in KL, he asked a minion
    to go get one of his CDs and signed it!
    so i snapped a pic of both of them.

    Joe Flizzow & Sona One
    i had like, the. biggest. grin. on. EVER.
    when he said : "Join us for a pic, don't just take a pic of us. Come come!"  

    thats my super excited but trying to be calm smile.
    glad that Bev quickly came into the pic, i might hv kissed the guys!
    while taking the last picture with Joe & Sona One,
    i was surprised that my name was called out.
    I peered into the sea of photographers
    and spotted David - my old churchmate from KL!

    uber respect for David - Exec of Kartel Records!
    Joe Flizzow was surprised as well and David said : "I know her sisters too back from KL!"
    And TA-DAH! more free CD and pictures from the others!
    i didnt need to buy! YAY!

    They argued over which marker to use! Too cute!

    Funny guys! Gave me another copy of his album cuz he scratched it.

    supakrazee DJ Cassie

    Mizz Nina signing Bev's CD

    All in all, it was a great day and my perception towards the local music industry
    has definitely changed a bit. Just a lil.
    Better than not changing or turning for the worst.

    [Click Here for the Photo Album]

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Representing Malaysia in the New York Ford Model Search - Atikah!

    At the age of 18, 
    do you think you might have won
    the Ford Model Search?

    You might be doubtful of yourself,
    but not Atikah. 
    our very own KK top model - Atikah
    Representing Malaysia this July,
    Atikah will compete against many other hopeful top models 
    from over 70 other countries in New York!

    Being able to tag along the Breeze Magazine team
    for this photoshoot was fab! 
    Thanks peeps! -hearts-
    Not forgetting superhyperfashforwardblogger Beverly too! 

    It all started off with Atikah, the make-up artist, Noor, and Bev 
    hunting for the perfect few tops at Metrojaya, Suria Sabah.
    I was slightly late, so i joined in the fun of searching for jewelry.

    After make up and a short interview by the Breeze Editor - Noor, 
    we headed down to the abandoned & burnt down post office.
    It eventually became a place for local artists 
    to showcase their graffiti works. 


     Sweet, soft spoken and classy, 
    I'm wishing Atikah all the best 
    as she represents Malaysia in the Ford Model Search 2011 in New York.
    And I'm sure she'll achieve her dream in the fashion industry.