Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tang Yuens! MORE PLEASE!

i want more tang-yuans! 
twas a very happy occasion when family members, relatives and the closest family friends come together to prepare dinner, pray to our ancestors, eat dinner and finally, TANGYUANS!!! 

Okok, to be fair to the non-chinese or the i-m-chinese-but-dunno-wth-is-tangyuans. 
Its those colorful balls of glutinous rice! Sumtimes filled with brown sugar, grounded nuts or red bean paste. 

One of the most important festivals that symbolizes reunion as families come together and after today, the daylight hours will be longer thus the belief of more positive energy :) 

So, i hope u guys had a good time with your family, ate yummmmmy food, enjoyed awesome tang yuans! Family first, peeps! <3 p="">
oh! Pictures and updates on my mini holiday to Sandakan wit my lil sister and two frens! Unforgettable food fest it was!

Monday, December 6, 2010

You proud of Namewee?

If you're reading this post, then you most probably know who is Namewee. 
But for those who'd rather know him by his true name, that'll be Wee Meng Chee.The mastermind of the now-famous Negarakuku song which he sang and uploaded on YouTube back in 2006. 

No Malaysian song produced ever since has yet to top Negarakuku, in my opinion la. For the younger generation, i think he's a role model. Not a hero. Not superman. A pretty damn good citizen. One that was concerned enough to write a song, come up wit a tune, sing it, edit the video and effing upload it! I don't know any other citizen who has done that. So, mucho respect to the fella from me.

Seriously, I think we should applaud him for the time sacrificed and efforts he has made to voice out the very obvious discrimination and severe corruption happening in our country. In many ways, he was the one who opened the eyes to many youngsters on these issues. I'll admit, when i heard the song for the first time, i thought : " Omg, so funny la! But hell yeah!" i was so addicted to it while at the same time, i'd tell my friends about it and everyone got the message straightaway - police abuse, racial discrimination, and indolent civil servants. It was a true shame to the government who decided to arrest him under Internal Security Act.What harm had he done? There was no threat to the country, was there?

Since his first song in 2006, Namewee came up with many more songs or videos that showed his concern for sensitive issues or the love to sprinkle abit of foul language to get ur attention on certain issues. I don't mind in the least but one of his more recent video really got my attention. I would really love to watch a short film by a Malaysian chinese! But too bad, i think we wouldn't be able to watch it anytime soon cuz the Government has set a rule for Malaysian short films : "....only movies with 60% Malay language."  Wtf?!

To be completely honest!
I hated these movie : Cicakman, Scenario, Pontianak...etc.  
Why? Because it was a complete waste of time! 

It gave me no sense of pride that there is any improvement in our local movie-industry! Just loads and loads of nonsense! I'm not saying there is no hope, i did enjoy our truly gifted Yasmin Ahmad movies and P.Ramlee productions, but how many other movies can we proudly say : THATS A MALAYSIAN MADE MOVIE MAN! 

So, give others a chance to make serious movies, since the current directors have been given the chance to showcase their talents for so long and only coming up with nonsensical movie which even little children dun bother to go watch.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your social responsibility

“When an issue such as child abuse becomes front page news, there is a cacophony of voices calling for solutions. Some make sense and some don't.We need to separate the wheat from the chaff by finding more effective prevention solutions based on evidence, not on whims and fancies.”

 RUTH LIEW Parental Expert/Author/Columnist
“Children are people too! They need our respect and attention.This campaign against child abuse and neglect wants everyone, young and old, men and women to stand up for children.It is our responsibility to give our children a safe environment to grow and develop. We must no longer wait for social problems to go away. We must do it together! ”

CHARLOTTE FONG Blogger/Student/Volunteer
 " I think it's really up to you to prove to yourself that you do care enough for other in our community or even better, our world. I don't really believe in 'your country' or 'my country', i just know God put us all in the same planet called Earth to co-exist together. So, i think we owe it to each other to look out for one another regardless of age, gender or race."  

 by clicking on my "I'm on Board" hand button right here, you can join in to show your support against child abuse. :) think of all the happy smiles you will see, and all the pain you've stopped! God Bless!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December! Hello Sandakan!

i've turned spotty! 
for the last three days, i've been feeling feverish and thought, 
"omg... DENGUE!!!"

but too bad, due to my vanity, i saw a few spots on my face 
and started screaming down the stairs, 

the minute i sat down in front of Doctor Kheng, 
who has been my doctor since i was born,
he said the funniest thing in the world : 
" why now!?"
"cuz the vaccine u gave me didnt work after 10 years!"
we all started laughing like hyenas and i think people outside must think i was on happy pills. 

my car has been fixed! after 2 weeks being without my baby, i feel so happy to see it and listening to it purrr along the highway! Went out for a drive with Alvin, Ying and Kenny and i couldn't stop smiling at my car. yea... i do love my car a lil too much. hehehe!

OH! i'm planning to drive over to Sandakan for a short visit in mid December! 
Any suggestiosn on GREAT places to eat or AWESOME places to see? 
pretty please and thank you!