Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stupid Drivers Get Their License from Cereal Boxes!

if you're currently a newbie
in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (or better known to Ang-mohs as Borneo)
and you get the chance to explore the place by driving, 
you'd probably realise....
the LEFT lane is almost always the faster lane 
compared to the RIGHT lane. 
any sabahan will tell u that. and only then realise that we've been dissing each other.  ;p

for me, i had to learn that the hard way.
I'd always end up at my designated destination late or extremely irritated.
usually, it just might spoil my day la. 

What makes it worse is,
i would meet people who drive the same speed on BOTH lanes together! 
Hogging the two lanes, side by side must be the latest trend.
when u do have the chance to overtake them,
they would usually just give u a blank stare
or they'll start driving faster so that no one can overtake again.

oddly though, you might think only the big and tough cars would dare to start their own entourage/procession on the highway behind them when it's actually tiny lil milo-can worthy vehicles like the Perodua Kancil, Viva, Proton Myvi or Saga.


Alex Wong said...

Can I put a thumbs up? :-)

Leo Hwong said...

hahaha oh so true char!!!

大恒 said...

u never try labuan road...haha...after u try, u ll said sabah is heaven..haha...
ya...i kinda hate those ppl who drive slow in fast lane...

curious.charlottefong said...

hey Herng! i love labuan roads! there is nearly NO CARS!!!!

high-five Leo! (^,^)/

hehe! yes u may, Alex! thats like four thumbs up now! XD

Amelia said...

Penang's left lane is faster than right lane too~ u can identify this easily when u r using the penang's bridge... lol =p

Abbie . S said...

How can the left lane be faster than the right lane?! LOL Horn them until they get irritated.

大恒 said...

lol..last time i went there with kenny, we were frustrated with the turtle driving skill of them.

by the way, tin milo is harder than tin soft drink...haha

xiaocass said...

dude i drive a myvi :(

Leo Hwong said...

well the reason why is shit is bcos of them mushroom tat drive. ive remember how slow they walk. take them half and hour to walk 3 floor, but tats not all. imagine walking takes tat long wat bout driving? research on polls shows tat 72% of malaysia's collision are caused by them.

curious.charlottefong said...

@ amelia : omg really? i thot this only happened in sabah! hahaha! gud to know! :D

@Abbie : they'll wait for us to overtake then horn us back or chase us/roadrage. :(

@Herng : haahhaha! u two damn funny la! y didnt u bring me along!!!

@cass: oops! :x sowwiee dear!

@leo : eh!? really?!