Saturday, May 29, 2010

me? work? like, seriously?

oh come on. i've worked hard for my moolah! ;p 

i know i look like the pampered princess. hehehe... but nah. i dun like being it.
weird, kan? 

hello PCfair! :D
yesh! charlotte at your service!
i am the promoter/cashier!

much thanks to Alvin, my long lost primary one crush and now best fren!
he's the supervisor of the store so i went for the interview and got hired. i assume there were string pulled cuz i noe nuthin of the tech world. hehe!

i had one of the best times of my life learning new stuff and meeting a gazillion strangers! yeah, im abit of a kepochi and cannot stop talking even if my life depended on it. no wait, i wud but i'd try to talk myself out of it? not making sense here. hmmm.. *ponders*
meet the IT family! :) btw i kinda had a major disagreement wif my cashier partner? when i was about to lose my temper to scream at her, darling Leo - a good fren of Alvin, helped me whip her foul mouth :D cant stop smiling at the memories cuz she cried! tsk tsk. evil evil meh~ 

meiyee and i fooling around on preparation day! :) miss her! 

gurls just LOVE sales! thats Andy in blue jeans and Leo! 
Hong and Andy clearing up after 3 days of absolute chaos. fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

oh, u durtay lil thang!

dance dance dance! drink and a lil camwhoring, please! 
a lil! i swear! ;p

 been getting into the habit of havin a bit of late-night fun. cuz my fav gurlie in the whole wide world, Cassie is back~! woots! been spending almost all my time wif her whenever possible. obviously, mommy wasn't too happy about it. but back to the happy part! she being the first to introduce to shisha, well, brought me out for more shisha! hahaha! i've graduated in the art of shisha-ing without coughing and without getting high. oddly, i do get high on shisha. like one wud go high after drinking a crate of beer or a bottle of chivas. cass can testify to that! LOL... having me smoke for 25minutes straight then go have fun at Edgar's pub. buduh... cant even walk straight. ROFL.

the new club - Emperor cud be given a rating of ...hmmm... 4 outta 10. the female Dj was pretty good, but boo to the service and crowd. our groupies took the VIP seatings which was elevated from the rest. so those with mini skirts, ;p  glad ur making the other men happeh! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

sprinkles of the past

i've surprised myself again. with friends la, i mean. finally being able to hang out with decade old frens :) 

seeing them all grown up, some studying, others working. still amazes me everytime. how far we've come from lil kids in primary school uniforms, with the biggest worries of whether our homework were completed or not. and we can still remember the lil thing we'd do with each other, what we said and what our parents would say to the other. gawd. some blardy embarrassing stories came out, but i've forgotten some tho. so we'd all be screaming and laughing most of the time. hmm... indeed, how far along we've come. 

 an old soul, i am. old soul and a romantic. i cant possibly survive this cold and cruel world. just barely alive from my last break-up, which is also my first and only serious relationship thus far. the others after that, well, i guess there was no harm trying out a relationship with them . but i always did emphasize that i'm not in this for the long run. yes, i did state one condition : we're a couple but it ain't gonna last long. 

i'm no cold hearted bitch. i can be, but only when forced with a sprinkle of hate/anger. 

if ever i do find the right guy for a long term and serious relationship, i'd do lil things to make him happy. holding hands and giving him kisses or hugs. buying him prezzies that i think he might like, and cook food for him! LOL heck, the way to a man's heart is often food. tried and tested. im blardy qualified. unless he had better, then poor me. hehehe. 

but no. there is no man for a complicated gurlie like me. considering turning lesbo. cuz gawd, i've met gurls who'd be perfect boyfrens if only they were guys. blek!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

to do list after exams! rawr!

now i know the meaning of being : TOO FREE. 

exams are on the way. i should be studying every damn minute of every damn day. but gawd, im no nerd-material. much to my misfortune. LOL. i'd love to be a nerdy good gurl. 

but gah, i'd rather really live life, apart from the norm. i'd be crazy not to! seriously, do i look like the type that would just sit there study? then take a nap, and continue reading? i can, but only in small doses. but i can do practicals like an obsessed workaholic. eg: college and family events. oh yeah~~~

my to do list!!!
study for exams. 
sit for exams ;p
then have a week of absolute sleep in
go all out shopping and clubbing for the next! 
the finale : imma go work wif my daddy! 

the last part was a bit of a downer but still, excited. this time, imma just work for him. not for mommy! >:P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and there you go... lifeless!

oh the sanity. 

quite frankly, life is too mundane. so much like clock-work. i've come to realise that i get bored too easily. with anything. except money. or God. or family.

wait. so that leaves me with .... my daily life?

wake up. breathe. sleep. shyt. eat. housechores. work. facebook. nap. yimcha. sleep again. there u go.

i think that is pretty much it. lifeless. i know. :/  sad kan?

entertain me lovely people! :)