Miss Queen of Clubs 2012 : Are You The Ultimate Socialite?

Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs has finally  reached our shores! 

Are you guys ready to be entertained 
by genuinely beautiful women of all sizes and various talents? 

I'm a little shy but really honored, 
thank you Calista Liew and Ripples Consultancy
 for inviting me to be the guest judge 
at Lava, on the 5th of October 2012 (Friday)! 

so excited to be invited as guest judge!

With that said, 
I'm hoping those of you around Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
 will join the fun at Lava, Karamunsing Capital that night. 

Show these girls with real curves and talent some love! 

All the best to all the Queens!

To be kept updated, join their Facebook page

And to see the beautiful women in action as they compete with each other 
to be crowned as the Queen of Clubs,
check out the list of dates and venues here. 

Not restricted to the boring regulations and requirements as used by many other beauty pageants, Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs is set to breathe some fresh air into the familiar yet repetitive world of pageants. 

Focusing mainly on the personality and charm of the contestants, there are no restrictions such as height or size - as long as you are female by birth, 18 -35 years old and non-Muslim, the world is your stage!!

Proud Sponsors: 
 Rip Curl 

Official Venues

Official Shopping Mall
 Suria Sabah

Official Restaurant 

Official Magazine

Official Hair and Makeup

Official Photographer
Seri Gaya Studio

Official Videographer
 Gang Kapak


TheJessicat said…
So who goes clubbing the most, helps them to win the title of Queen of Clubs too? :P
HenRy LeE said…
woohhoooo! congratz! do ur best ya! :D
thanks @henry!
@the jessicat : hahah thats what i thought too earlier on. but it isnt :)
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