Movie Review : Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon

My excitement for the movie wasn't wasted at all! 
MICHAEL BAY i love you!

working his magic is the great Michael Bay himself!
i don't really wanna spoil the movie for anyone 
so there wont be much revealed.

but honestly, 
 this movie is a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
u might be goin HUH!? 
but you said on Twitter it was a 5 star movie! 

oh! Follow me on Twitter & i'll follow back ;)

Rosie Huntington and Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey in this movie wont be the hearthrob charming doctor
as he was in Grey's Anatomy on TV.

In fact, you'll be greatly surprised how significant his role is!
Even though he is the playboy car racer who tries to woo
the Bratz-barbie-doll lookalike lingerie model Rosie Huntington.

Which my guess was right!
Read my pre-premiere post about it!
[Pre-Premier post on Transformer 3] 

Rosie cannot act for shyt. 
Just like how Justin Bieber could not act on CSI.
Throughout the whole movie,
she was just the pretty face that can run for hours in her high heels.
 either her heels are made of steel or her tolerance to pain is pretty damn high.

And the only emotion she can pull off is SMILE.
Manipulative? No.
my pet dog could have done better.

the usual victim of Decepticon bully case
Shia returns once again as the star of the movie.
Noticed how it always starts off with him being victimized
and he has to run like, 10 miles before he gets any action?
just saying.

i love this character.
slightly dorky but oh-so-lovable.
after graduating college, Sam Witwicky has problems finding a job.
definitely something the younger generation can relate to,
right after complaining, he gets the most perfect job in the world.

he gets to be HIMSELF.
which is fighting alongside the Autobots against the Decepticons.

oh! u gotta love the part where he yells at Bumblebee
and how he screams like girl during a car chase!
i choked while laughing.

not to reveal too much, as usual i'm on team-autobots!

like what Tyrese says in the movie
" why do the Decepticons always get the good shyt?! "

Team- Autobots! <3
 i find the lack of affection and communication 
between Optimus Prime and Sam Witwicky abit upsetting. 

the only one sentence of significance was exchanged. 

Optimus Prime : 
"...You may lose faith in us, but never in yourself..."

i like how the twisted it was that ... 
wait! i'm not supposed to tell you.
or i suspect some of you might start sending hate mail
for spoiling the movie for you guys. 

argh. ok. 
so there is a rather surprising villain in this  movie.
REAAAALLY surprising.
like, you would not have suspected that person to be the villain. 
oh no, there are two unsuspected villains :) 

Anyway, to be precise and avoid going off topic again.
it was a great movie. 
The guys would love it thanks to the fanstastic action,
not forgetting Rosie is pleasing on the eyes thanks to her ass assets. 
The 'love' between Shia and Carly cant be felt. 
Its as thought he's taking care of a good friend 
whom he gets to kiss from time to time <--not bad!

have to end this post with what i found on ebay!
too cute!
something i wud actually buy! :D


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