REDSOUL : I've been made a SoulMate!

im no crazy Korean music fan 
but i must say that i really enjoyed the music and performance
by the amazingly talented acapella group from Korea -

RedSoul answering questions at the media preview at Playground Cafe

These guys are a happy bunch of friends who so happen to be very musically talented. They shot to stardom when they appeared on one of Korea's reality TV shows. All five of them were friendly and also very entertaining by nature. True performers, if i may say so. :)

Jonathan Tse performing "Moves Like Jagger"
The showcase was in PartyPlay Cafe, Lintas, more than a hundred avid Korean fans arrived and was seated, waiting axiously for the guys of RedSoul. Funny man and musician - Jonathan Tse was the opening act of the night. Easily getting the crowds to sing along with his cover of "Moves like Jagger", Jonathan Tse had the party goers giggling with his jokes and funny antics.
Me, Jonathan Tse (Middle), Alvin MY and his baby! TOO CUTE!

Alvin singing the song for his little baby! suh-weeet!
Jonathan Tse then welcomed the next performer, Alvin MY. Personally, i've seen Alvin MY perform once before at a friend's wedding in One Borneo, and i truly enjoyed it. Was so excited when he got on the stage and started singing. He revealed his soft side when he pointed out his pretty wife and adorable baby amidst the crowd. Singing a song he wrote just for his baby, he had all the girls going : "awwwww so sweet!"

the JADE sisters and their beautiful song "Hot Chocolate"
My lucky day! A shot with the JADE sisters!

The final act before RedSoul's appearance, the JADE Sisters! I've heard alot about these girls but i've never seen them before. I know... I know... I'm horribly not up-to-date, but i feel uber blessed to be able to meet them in person later that night! They sang their famous song "Hot Chocolate", they sound really sweet with a touch of that sexy husky tone. I loved it so much that I had to meet these girls and I loved that they all dressed in vintage clothing!

Oh, all four of them are sisters!
So nice... Makes me miss my sisters too...

i want the guy in the Zebra print shirt! effing cute! URGH!

Autograph Session!

RedSoul finally got on the stage and to simply describe what happen at that very moment was.....
PartyPlay exploded with screams of excited Korean fans.
 The boys of RedSoul sure knew how to win the hearts of the girls, picking fans out of the crowd to serenade or hold hands with. The party was in full swing when they performed a cover of "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang. They were dancing with the crowd and holding hands with lucky girls while the others just party hard. 

RedSoul singing "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang

They ended the show with an aaaaaaamazing cover of Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You". Absolutely SWOONWORTHY! If you check out the videos of those who went, it isnt the same! If you were there, you;ll see the men in the crowd melting and watching in awe.Haha! I'm not kidding. 

omg ....
 Here's my FAVOURITE part of the night! 
After hours of enjoying good music, I needed to go to the toilet really bad. So off i went in search of the toilet and once i was done with my toilet business, i opened the door to find all five of the guys of RedSoul outside.

There i stood in shock and i was thinking :
 Yes, i was starstruck and i had NOTHING for them to sign!

 The guys saw me and started talking to me in Korean, truthfully i heard nothing. They are so nice, shyt. Funny too. Saying sorry in their cute Korean accent and giving those funny bows. i just wanted them to sign something.... anything!

But i only had a tissue in my hand from the toilet. Eww... i know its gross.


Of course i didnt give them my tissue that was wet from my hands okay. I was efficiently escorted out of the toilet by their nanny/translator. Lucky bitch took care of all the five men. *casting an evil look* dang!

my fav gurlie and i at the showcase!

thank u Dino!

So yeah, I had an amazing time at the RedSoul showcase. Thank you DINO! -hearts-

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