Weird Resolution - COMPLETED!

i made a rather weird new year resolution
TWO (2) years ago in November 2010 
that i will remain single 
for an entire year.

 admit it la, people.
its so common that new year resolutions
are never kept or completed..right?

but i'm proud to say,
 "HELL YEAH. i did it!" 

Alot of my friends thought i couldnt make it
through half a year..
but gimme some credit,
 i lasted more than a year! 

 It wasnt easy, i met a couple of guys and we hit it off, 
some were new and some were really old friends 
which we had some great fun together.
to tell the truth,
i was so tempted!

Pretty happy that i was able to keep to this promise
 to myself until late January 2012. 

As though they knew that
 i have completed my one year of
 anti-relationship vow,
some of my closest friends started
 encouraging me to get back to dating.

"What the hell for~?!"

 i have just started getting used to 
being happy by myself and
 being super independant *konon la*
starting to have that awesome "i-dun-need-a-man" attitude,
all i ever focus on is work, family and my closest friends. 

So, just to let you know,
 i'm now dating once again.

it started off awkward as hell.
being close friends since the first year of college,
dating your almost-best-friend is a huge risk.

i'm NOT a huge risk taker. 
but this was one risk i have no regrets making.
for now. 

we're not the perfect couple.
at least, we're trying.

so wish us luck, kays? 


Daniel Chiam said…
I hereby wish you all the best!

To me, the best person you can fall in love with is you best fried. Cause they are the one that were already there through thick and thin and basically they know who you are in good and bad... i understand the risk that you worried about but it shouldn't be the concern when all you want is the best for both :D

All the best!

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awwww... thanks so much Daniel! cant wait to meet up again and have fun when u come back! :)

yeah. its a blessing to hv my best friend of so many years as my bf now. :)
Nath said…
Happy for you gal, at least you won't have to fake or attempt fail since you both know each other too well :D
Henry Tan said…
wow i actually read thru the whole thing. and yeah.. wish u all the best! ;)