Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Foodie's Heaven : KL Style BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant

I'm soooo jealous of some of my friends that can eat a truckload of food 
during a meal and not gain a single kilogram. 

The worst part is when you're feeling incredibly full 
(more like crazy worried about how much weight you'll gain tomorrow) 
and that person decides to say : 
"I'm still hungry la! Jom one more round! " 

I'm pretty sure you guys would realise that RM25 isnt going to be enough 
to feed that alien pig friend in a normal restaurant. 

If you were in a seafood restaurant, 
RM25 would probably only pay for the prawns and the steamed fish. 

But what if you ONLY had RM25 
and you were so hungry that you'd eat an entire cow? 

Welcome to the amazing KL Style BBQ & Steamboat restaurant! 

located  at Lot No. 12, Ground Floor, Damas 118 Plaza, Penampang, Sabah.
Across the highway, directly opposite KFC, Millennium Plaza 

pic credits to Tom :) cuz his photos just look loads better than mine! 

RM25 is all you have to pay 
for a night of unlimited supply of fresh seafood, 
meats of all kinds, vegetables, noodles, Nestle drinks, 
Nestle ice-cream, and a whole lot of fun! :) 

If you have a lot of children, 
or a child that eats a lot, 
then this is the perfect place to makan! 
It's only RM10 for children under the age of 12! 

Let your kids eat all the ice cream they want, 
only after their vegetables of course ;) 

It's FREE !
if your kid is below the age of 4.

You'll have a choice of sitting inside the restaurant which is air conditioned, 
or enjoy the cool night air outside.

 Another plus of sitting outside is you get your very own BBQ plate! 

If you sit inside, you'll only be able to BBQ outside at the major huge BBQ pit, 
which is crazy fun. 

LOADS of choices! Hashbrowns, meatballs, fish paste, sausages...etc

They even have ready cooked meals and vegetables for the uber hungry!

Bring your Muslim friends too!
I always have a headache 
when my Muslim family friends or work-related friends 
decide to have dinner with me.,
not that I'm not friendly or plain lazy, 
but i find it so hard to think of places to eat. 

So this kinda solves all my problems! teehee!

Pot has two compartments. Choose from either chicken or tom yam soup! Yums! 

Meitzeu checking out our soup! 

i love seafood! <3 

Nath with her hash browns! -drools-

Tom with awesome ABC made by the boss! 
I must say,
 nothing makes friendship stronger than having a great meal together. 

Pretty happy with the wide range of food, drinks and desserts. 
The clean and homely feel of the place.
And the genuinely helpful and friendly owners. 

I do not write about food or restaurants much UNLESS
it's good and above average, definitely something special :) 

 I love this spot. Value for money, good place to try out your cooking skills
and be creative while having fun with family & friends.

*thumbs up* bloggers with the owners

Check out Nath, Beverly, MeiTzeu and Tom's review of the restaurant and the food!

Here's their Contact Number

013-872 5656/ 016-623 0211
Give them a call if you want to book a table or have a gathering/birthday party. 

Love to eat fresh and organic vegetables and fish?
Check out the brand new Alu-Alu Cafe @ Jesselton Point


Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

Woii! i terasa the part where u said "I'm still hungry la! Jom one more round! "

ahahah! anyways, See ya at the food review this Sat!


Anonymous said...

you ok macauley sorry iv took so long i think this is the link
and some info , they have a wealth of knowledge ,tell them myself-netsimsy said you would sort him out

curious.charlottefong said...

hahahah! thanks sayang! :P

ur lucky u can chow down so much without gaining much weight back, woman! lol!

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