Monday, October 29, 2012

My New Sponsor! - RaymondChuPhotography

Raymond Chu 
with an undying fascination of capturing moments on film.

I have only known this guy for a couple of months,
but he has proven over and over again
how much of a good friend he is
and exactly how PATIENT he is with how fussy i am.

He sat there for hours 
listening to me describe my dream blogskin,
then he would sketch a rough picture for me to envision,
after hours of hard work, he lets me see the blog design, 
i had him fix a few minor details and...

i got my dream blog design. 

i'm technogically challenged.
so I love shortcuts when it comes to anything tech-related.
 And Raymond is that shortcut for me!

:)  i'm one haaaappy blogger. 

Not only talented with website designs, 
Raymond Chu has a love of taking pictures during happy occasions!
 definitely not new to being a wedding photographer.
i particularly love his pictures of events & soon-to-be parents! 

He is quite a funny fellow, so do consider him for hire. ;) 

maternity pics

best of friends

at Lava Resto & Bar

 Once again, thank you Raymond Chu
  for being my very own blog/website designer!

For those of you 
who would like Raymond to be
 your very own blog/website designer too,
feel free to message him via his Facebook Page!
[Click here]

i love freebies.
 So to make me happy and my readers entertained,
do consider being my sponsor. hehe!
contact me via my facebook page

xoxo, char


大恒 said...

i knw him for ages and i think i want him to help me in design my blog.just kidding, he really talented in design and drawing, since primay, i been amazed with his art. support my brother all the way

charlottefong.blogger said...

indeed. sucha sweetie :)

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