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I'm so excited 
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They have almost
 everything a girl would want 
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The craze of being 
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My top picks are these

Rice Milk Soap 

Japan BIJINSENMON Beauty series

2N Beauty V-Line Series

Acai Berry XS series

After meeting the people behind the Pinkz Ladiez Shop,
 I was given the Acai Berry Living XS product! 

It's basically an anti-oxidant product 
that is great for the skin and is said to boost metabolism 
(good for those who wanna lose some weight)! 

And so, I was your little white experimental lab rat for a month.

Less pimples and no more double chin! omg yay! 

The result? 
i lost 3(three) KGs 
with NO diet and NO exercise! 

I just continued my daily life in the office everyday like normal, 
only taking one pill in the morning before breakfast and one pill before dinner! 

Of course, they have more than what i have posted here. 
Do check them out! 

Extremely friendly and fast service too!

Based in Kota Kinabalu, so no worries.
Yay for the female shoppers! 
No need for loooong waiting periods! 

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