Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Island Paradise - Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

I've been living in Sabah for the last ... 8 years,
and I've been to countless island trips 
but none as beautiful, relaxing (and as luxurious) as this trip!

Welcome to the
 Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa
just a mere 15 minute speedboat ride from the town of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Treat yourself as well as your loved ones with this amazing day trip!
This is well worth the price. Why? Check out my trip as testimony.

With a huge and comfy speedboat loaded with cushion,
i suggest you party like JLo and Pitbull onboard, take lots of pics and enjoy the boat ride!

Put on your fav sunnies and your best smile! INSTAGRAM THIS!

Lo and behold! I stood there for a full minute in awe of this breath taking scenery.
CRYSTAL CLEAR water, the abundance of underwater vegetation and corals, thousands of fishes and the simple yet almost-traditional architecture.

I'm not kidding, this looks shallow but it isnt! Thanks to its amazingly clean waters!

I love these small pavilions that allow you to walk into the sea! 

fancy a pavilion all to yourself or with just your family? Talk to them! 

After a brief tour of the jetty,
we were warmly welcomed
with a refreshing orange soda and a cold towel!
Ah.... the sweet life!

Now for all of you to see more this amazing resort!

Check out their well stocked wine cellar.
Wine connoisseur (and alcoholics) are welcomed to see for themselves the wide selections of wine they have got in this very unique and i must say, pretty wine cellar!

And the must do in an island resort - SPA!

and the infinity pool overlooking the splendid beach and sea!

Hungry? Try their award winning restaurant - The Koi.
you get different kinds of settings and scenery with different areas you choose to sit having your meal!

Finally, we get to try their beach side cafe (and yes, we get to be fed!)
Claim your lunch here if you do come for their daytrip. YUM!

Amazing stuff to eat, right? Fish is all organically farmed, just FYI.

I'm all wet and messy from my swim in the crystal clear waters.
 I finally got to kayak all morning and snorkel to see the giant clam!
An amazing moment seeing this huge clam and the fishes.

Here's a group pic with the manager of the Bunga Raya Island Resort and Spa!
Pat on the back, dude! It was an amazing trip, one that i truly cannot forget! Thank you so much!

for the complete photo album,
 click the link below to view the Facebook Photo Album 


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