Chibi-sized by Kendy! - Sabah's Comic Artist!

Happy Kaamatan! 
Hope you guys had loads of tapai and yummy yummy traditional foods (omg i love HINAVA!) 

So anyway, what is a more fun and easy way to tell others 
about the wonderful place we live in - Sabah?

How about doing it artsy fartsy style? 
Meet Kendy, the famous comic blogger (his real name is Kendrick) goes all out to feature Sabahan bloggers in his HELLO SABAH MONTH campaign which will run from 13th May 2014 - 15th June 2014. Awesome possum! 

Of course, not only bloggers will be featured! 
 Introducing a few (new?) places to travel,
 local foods to try and a lot about the diverse cultures that are co-existing harmoniously in Sabah!

Who is Kendy?
Well, he is comic blogger from Sabah! (Sipitang, to be exact)

Here is a funny story about how he started all this comic blogging thingy :

It all began with a bunch doodle arts that I drew about myself and Natsuko (The Japanese doll). Normally I drew and gave it to my friends for fun. Seriously, I was never very good with expressing through spoken words. One day, I wanted to prepare a tiny surprise for the girl I like. Then I gathered the drawings and transform a normal diary blog to a comic blog just to impress her.

Sadly, I failed....but what happened to the comic blog I just created? Somehow it turns out to be interesting, a few of my friends started to like and share it at Facebook and Twitter! And I never stop drawing web comics since then....

It was actually my very first webcomic blog, a simple gift for the girl I like suddenly became a lot more than I had expected.....

Well, that's all for my crappy, boring's time for some serious business! 
Hope you will love my comics! - Kendy "

Looks like me or not?
I swear i look almost Japanese here!
And i say, i look alot skinnier! hehe

You can read more about the feature and interview here! 

So, be sure to check out his comics at #Kendylife!
You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more! 
Good news for Android users, you can download an app called Kendylife