Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Retro Fashion is COMING BACK!

Remember the times when we flip through old family albums 
and laughed so hard at the retro clothing our parents and grandparents used to wear? 

I sure did. 

During the holidays, I would be surrounded by siblings and cousins as we tried our best to stifle our hysterical laughter at seeing our elders wearing outlandish outfits and donning bombastic wigs with exaggerated eye make-up. 

I remember most of us saying things like, 
"Ahyo! What were they thinking?!" 
"I'd rather die than be caught wearing that!"

We all thought that those looks will never come back in style,
 but we sure were wrong. 

Retro fashion is now climbing up strong 
and women are the ones most enthusiastic about it.

I guess, I have to apologize to my elders for laughing at them years ago
(I'm sorry, i will still giggle if i see them)
and start asking for some of their classic clothes from now on! 

 So what are the retro trends which are bound to hit 2015?
Take note, ladies! 

1.    Peplums

Peplums has been hitting the fashion scene these couple of years and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. Peplums are adored by many women as the design gives a nice silhouette look of their body figure.

 It accentuates the waist curves, 
giving you the appearance of a tiny waist (YAY!) 
and that much needed booty lift that most women crave! 

Think of Beyonce's body shape, you can get that with a short peplum dress. 

Want to wear peplum dress for a glamorous dinner? Try a long peplum dress.
 Look beautiful effortlessly while staying in trend. 

2.    High waist pants

The high waist pants were very popular in the 60's and 70's but dropped down due to the existences of hip hop baggy jeans <--- and="" b="" eminem.="" hammer="" mc="" rapper="" singer="" thanks="" to="">

 However, the high waist design pants are climbing its way back up and women love it all together.

 Modern women nowadays can work the high waist pants everywhere they go 
with confidence. 

Think about it, what is there not to like about this wardrobe staple? 
Its super comfortable, makes your waist look so much smaller and defined, and elongates your legs!   

Whether to the office, a date or even a casual day out to town, high waist pants can definitely give you that easy going feel. 

3.    Shift dress

Shift dresses are coming back in style with beautiful modern designs for women to flaunt everywhere they go. It may not have that body hugging element to show off your curves but it surely hide the areas you are insecure of. Maybe you feel bloated after a sumptuous lunch or you feel guilty for skipping a couple of gym sessions, throw on a shift dress for that vintage yet sophisticated touch which women may find very interesting and comfortable. 

Style it dinners, a day out with friends or a walk at the park looking gorgeous as ever. I personally love and own several shift dresses, I learnt the hard way that choosing a size too big is disastrous. So, my advice is to choose a shift dress that isn't way too big and dressing it up with simple accessories like a delicate necklace, a simple belt or some bracelets. 

Choose from the colour block patterns or prints and work any of these outfits with confidence. Interested ladies who want to grab the new retro fashion clothing for women, have a look at ZALORA and shop online.


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