Adidas StellaSport : Inspiring and Empowering Action Girls.

This exclusive luxury line is now available in the Adidas outlet, Imago Mall!

Offering a modern fusion of sport and style, 
through bright colors, fresh prints and performance 'pop'. 

Adidas StellaSport collection is by Stella McCartney
which includes apparel, footwear and accessories. 

Designed for the young and active, Adidas StellaSport brings you ClimaWarm - the material that keeps your muscles warm during and after your workout. 

The season highlights on an unapologetic bold leopard print theme. 

Go wild with the matching jacket, tights, pants and sport tank in Echo Pink Carbon and White - for a look that is as fearless as you are.  

Offset your outfit with the reflective Hoody in Echo Pink and Solar Yellow 
or opt for the ultimate all-over leopard Print Gym Bag in Bold Blue and Solar Pink.  

Ensure striking style and support in the studio 
with sleek performance silhouettes at all times. 

Craft a workout outfit that really 'pops' 
with the eclectic multi logo graphic tank and tights.  

Definitely for the young and active! 
I was there to check out the new collection and I loved it! 
The colors and prints were brilliant! I personally always thought workout outfits were always so plain and boring, but this collection is really something different. 

I think it was great that they had the ClimaWarm materials used for their outfits to avoid muscle cramps and colds after sweating. So, no more worries about the sudden changes in temperature that causes muscle cramps! YAY! 

The pops of colour and very fun design changed my mind about sports attire being boring. 
I honestly want the bright blue gym bag!

 The official Grace One influencers for Sabah!  
(From Left : Kiyoko Sophia, Corvina Chong and Calista Liew) 

The brand new Adidas StellaSport collection is now available 
at the Adidas Sports Performance Outlet, Imago Mall 
brought to you by Graceone Sdn Bhd. 

Till my next post, HAVE FUN! xoxo