Thursday, January 21, 2016

Creamy Japanese Pastries by Anchor

Clockwise from top : Winter Magma, Karui Snow Cake, Kaien Chizu Tari. 
Cheese lovers unite! 
This delicious and exclusive Japanese pastries are now available
in all Port View Euro Bread bakeries.

Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia is embarking on a new initiative called Anchor Say Cheese campaign to let more people to experience its best selling Anchor Cream Cheese through exclusive edition Anchor-branded dessert creations.

Chocolate lovers will especially savour the Winter Magma, which is a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle. It has a cream cheese centre and is simple divine.

The Karui Snow Cake is fruity and fresh. Topped with a buttery almond crumble, the petit vanilla chifon cake is light and delicate with mango passion cream cheese filling.

The Kaien Chizu Tart is a sea salt cream tart with a rich cream cheese filing, topped with melted sliced cheese. The distinct taste of sea salt complements the tart's luscious cheesy flavour.

These cream cheese indulgences are available at selected bakery partners throughout Malaysia from now until end of January 2016 and the price ranges from RM4.50 to RM6.50 per piece.

Kicking off the Anchor Say Cheese Campaign, Linda Tan - Head of Fonterra Foodservices said that the campaign would allow consumers to have a taste of signature desserts featuring Anchor products exclusively.

"Through this initiative, we wanted more people to get a taste of scrumptious desserts made mainly of Anchor products with the Anchor Cream Cheese as the key ingredient. The desserts also include the use of Anchor Cream, Anchor Butter and Anchor Cheese Slices. What you will get is a consistent taste of quality that Anchor is renowned for." - Linda Tan, Head of Fonterra Foodserves

Now available in Kota Kinabalu city in all Port View Euro Bakery
Damai, Inanam and Jalan Gaya. 


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