Wednesday, April 21, 2010

being open and thus, aftermath

"Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you -- who are you to judge your neighbor?" James 4:11-12

I've become tired of having to justify what i do with my life. Not that elders no longer have a say in my decision makings, but rather the instant disapproval and doubt of the reason i have behind it all.
As to celebrate my 21st birthday with my closest friends, i had decided to have a night out. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has gone clubbing/pubbing before. that is if, your above the legal age of 18. lol.

I had the most memorable night out with my closest friends in the world (except for those overseas, u guys are included still! muahx! thx for prezzies and wishes and webcamming! ). 
i cant remember when was the last time i couldn't stop smiling and all i could see was faces of friends that really matter in my life and have proved over ,over and over again their worth. Their heart of gold and diamonds i definitely cherish my life over.
Getting drunk was NOT in my to-do list that night.
believe me. its not my style. ]
What was on that list was - have a fab time with my party people. period. and i wanted to take loads of pictures. oddly, the crowd in IceBar was amazing. i met long lost friends and some more ex-colleagues as well. and knowing it was my birthday, drinks came and went. much thanks to Calvan, 2 graveyard drinks to top the other poisons provided.

But i'm not going to point fingers. It was my fault that i let this happen because quite frankly, i'm usually miss lil prim and proper and i've always been curious. So i let curiosity have the best of me just that night. i must say, i truly am thankful of my best friend and the close buddies. they really took care of me when i went under. they stopped me and took me home safely with my belongings. They didnt just leave me at my doorstep but until i'm deposited into my comfy bed. Action truly speaks louder than words. and their entertainment is my pleasure. lol. i know u guys were giggling at the after party 'yimcha' session okay!

so please, be patient as i try to justify to you on why you shouldn't be mad, nor judge me.

1. It's unchristian
v. 11 "Brothers, do not slander one another... anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law."

In the first place, i think we shouldn't judge one another because we're all part of the same family. We're brothers. Or, sisters in this case. When I see another christian stumble or fall or have a tough time, I shouldn't rejoice in that nor criticize because they're family too. The gift of criticism does not come from the Holy Spirit but from the devil. When we speak against somebody else (including all kinds of criticism, maligning, judging) we're doing the devil's work for him. That's what the devil's job description is. John 8:44 says, "The devil is the father of lies." Revelation says he's the "accuser of brothers." It's unchristian to judge other people.

2. It's unloving
We shouldn't judge others because it's unloving. In James 2:8 "Whenever I judge you, I'm breaking the Law." What law is it I'm breaking? He's mentioned it earlier. He mentions it two or three times in the book. James 2:8 "If you really keep the Royal Law found in Scripture, love your neighbor as yourself." James says if you do this you're doing right. When I judge you, I'm breaking the Royal Law -- the law of love -- "Love your neighbor as yourself." We say, "It's just words and people will forget them." People don't forget words. You always remember them.

3. It's unjustified
"There's only one lawgiver and one judge." It's referring to God. Only God has the right to judge. It's in God's job description. It's not in your job description to judge people. He has not commissioned you to talk to everybody about everybody else. One of the greatest weaknesses in people is we tend to generalize people by just ONE mistake. If they make one mistake we write off their whole personality. We tarnish their reputation or image for the rest of their lives. If a guy makes a foolish mistake, we say, "He's a fool." But i don't think so. Maybe he just made a foolish mistake in that one particular area. We tend to judge in other people things we dislike in ourselves. Psychologists have known that for a long time. When you see someone who reacts violently to a particular sin usually in their heart it means they have a hang up with it. It doesn't mean they're involved in it. It might just mean they have a fear that they will be involved in it. We always tend to react to our weaknesses in others.

I love you guys. But really, screaming over the phone, texting, emailing or even msn-ing me about "how stupid my friends are, how i'm wasting my special one day that way, i'm stupid to get drunk, where are your priorities,...etc." is not really not needed. But thank you still for u spared the time to advise/yell at me. Because, i know it in myself that i'm not a druggie nor an alcoholic. I made a mistake getting drunk that night, i admit.

Clubbing in my opinion is not a sin. It may be associated to drugs and prostitution, but that was so yesterday. Today's world is slightly different, i choose to go to have a good time dressing up, singing, and dancing with good friends. :) of course, i enjoy my cup of poison.

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