Sunday, April 11, 2010

back to bloggerland @ 21 y/o

i've stopped blogging for more than a year.  but...

 sigh. im back to ranting :)

omfg... I'm 21 years-old! 
turning twenty one was errrr-maaay-ziiing!!!!
the 3-day celebration was truly memorable! thank you Daddy and mom, Joyce and my best friends, and the college bunch! - I love ya'll! 

 the cassandra-surprise was EPIC. thank you for coming back from KL for my birthday! i cudnt ask for anything else or more from you! and Amelia, Alvin, and Brendan, you guys are awesome with all the planning and taking the day off from work!
the presents were bonuses :)

argh! i love you guys from the tips of your hair to the end of your toes! mwah!

i forgot how the saying goes.
it goes something like this :
"out of ten experiences in life, nine would be bitter, only one will be sweet." 
i cant help but to bloody agree wif it. 

this was one helluva sweet birthday. 

evening beach fun @ the Yacht Club. Losers get waxed! hehe
Cassie! my fav partner in crime!  @ Twins Pub
party like a Rockstarrr~! Kenny n Fabs!
epic high with Cass n Bren!

Panda drinking girly Babylon drink - compliments from IceBar.

i got drunk for the first time after a long time of drinking. blardy good fun. im not uploading the drunk pics. you can find'em on facebook. no wait, you gotta have cassandra's facebook to see it! waahahaha! 

Life is good.