*yanks hair out*

i'm seriously trying to be so effing patient and understanding.

there is just no way
that i would explode in my boyfren's face.
or rather, into my darling handphone to my bf's ears.

there is also no way
am i going to go and tattle tale to my dad
even tho he's deemed my bestest best fwen in the world.
who has heard me complain/muse abt nearly everything i cud think of.

for the first time in my life,
i'm actually annoyed at picking up the phone.
like, i was reluctant to see who the caller was.

i'm evil. i know.
i swear i was not always like this.
unless i was back in KL, where being bitchy is cool when you're a tiny teen. some might agree that KL-ites are often quite bitchy. O,O