Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tang Yuens! MORE PLEASE!

i want more tang-yuans! 
twas a very happy occasion when family members, relatives and the closest family friends come together to prepare dinner, pray to our ancestors, eat dinner and finally, TANGYUANS!!! 

Okok, to be fair to the non-chinese or the i-m-chinese-but-dunno-wth-is-tangyuans. 
Its those colorful balls of glutinous rice! Sumtimes filled with brown sugar, grounded nuts or red bean paste. 

One of the most important festivals that symbolizes reunion as families come together and after today, the daylight hours will be longer thus the belief of more positive energy :) 

So, i hope u guys had a good time with your family, ate yummmmmy food, enjoyed awesome tang yuans! Family first, peeps! <3 p="">
oh! Pictures and updates on my mini holiday to Sandakan wit my lil sister and two frens! Unforgettable food fest it was!

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shammera said...

Miss the tanyuans...