Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December! Hello Sandakan!

i've turned spotty! 
for the last three days, i've been feeling feverish and thought, 
"omg... DENGUE!!!"

but too bad, due to my vanity, i saw a few spots on my face 
and started screaming down the stairs, 

the minute i sat down in front of Doctor Kheng, 
who has been my doctor since i was born,
he said the funniest thing in the world : 
" why now!?"
"cuz the vaccine u gave me didnt work after 10 years!"
we all started laughing like hyenas and i think people outside must think i was on happy pills. 

my car has been fixed! after 2 weeks being without my baby, i feel so happy to see it and listening to it purrr along the highway! Went out for a drive with Alvin, Ying and Kenny and i couldn't stop smiling at my car. yea... i do love my car a lil too much. hehehe!

OH! i'm planning to drive over to Sandakan for a short visit in mid December! 
Any suggestiosn on GREAT places to eat or AWESOME places to see? 
pretty please and thank you!