Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December! Hello Sandakan!

i've turned spotty! 
for the last three days, i've been feeling feverish and thought, 
"omg... DENGUE!!!"

but too bad, due to my vanity, i saw a few spots on my face 
and started screaming down the stairs, 

the minute i sat down in front of Doctor Kheng, 
who has been my doctor since i was born,
he said the funniest thing in the world : 
" why now!?"
"cuz the vaccine u gave me didnt work after 10 years!"
we all started laughing like hyenas and i think people outside must think i was on happy pills. 

my car has been fixed! after 2 weeks being without my baby, i feel so happy to see it and listening to it purrr along the highway! Went out for a drive with Alvin, Ying and Kenny and i couldn't stop smiling at my car. yea... i do love my car a lil too much. hehehe!

OH! i'm planning to drive over to Sandakan for a short visit in mid December! 
Any suggestiosn on GREAT places to eat or AWESOME places to see? 
pretty please and thank you! 


大恒 said...

char...congrat ah for hitting the jack pot..
n by the way, hate you, i m envy with you life..
u can travel here and there..

xiaocass said...


shammera said...

Do tell me what interesting in Sandakan.. I also want to go there..

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