Saturday, February 12, 2011

HELL is that way, smart-arse.

 have you heard the news yet?
simply unbelievable!


i have my own publicist, haters
and O-M-G! my own friggin fan base on facebook!

do the super-diva-in-shock-face right now

i feel so blessed that i've been given a free publicist.
so many other talented individuals out there can only dream to be like me now.
there are so many things i never knew of myself ! 

here are the
Top 3 Fabulous Stories 
of MYSELF that my friends and i never knew of!
  1. i have an underage boyfriend
like seriously?!
i have a boyfriend that is younger than myself ?
omg! i never knew i liked younger males!
hahah! i must have been drunk or was challenged to go for silly little dreamers.
and the best part, i was the one to ask the guy for a relationship?
w-o-w, that's new!

2.  i'm a gangster

i must have accidentally registered
with the gangsters of Sabah,
and i didn't know i was accepted!


thank you thank you.
it's such an honor to be in one of the most exclusive circles
of influential people in Sabah!

but what are my duties in gangsterism?
to dress up the mobster? bargain hunting for their wives?

3.  i am an obese, stupid, poor little girl.

oh dear~!
i must apologize if i offend you with my womanly curves,
it's something God gave me
and i'm going to treat it with respect and love. 

 An obese person is defined as "Extremely fat; grossly overweight."
 if i'm obese, you won't be able to see my waist,
i should have no neck or double chin, puffy cheeks,
flabby arms, thick wrists, saggy boobs,
grubby fingers, wrinkly butt, jiggly thighs...

you be the judge!
i present to you...
the picture diary of 
The 'Obese' Charlotte!
and also i included my 'efforts' to lose weight.
:) enjoy

2008 -  the fattest year! pregnant wit hot pink balloon! 
2009 - started the wax and smoke diet!
2010 - praying and clubbing to lose weight!
2011 - present day 'obese' me without make-up.

and as for calling me 'stupid' and 'poor',
i'll just let them continue thinking that way, shan't i? :)

i'm so bored of the constant praises
of being such a responsible, capable, smart young lady,
attending graduation/award ceremonies, charity function/dinners, 
and often being hounded by school authorities for financial contributions.

so, this is an interesting change for a while.


i'm guessing they don't know
that spreading untrue stories about another person 
is equivalent to slander, gossip, backstabbing, lying, defamation,
maliciousness and the worst of all, 
 it's a sin  >:)
especially if they gossip in church

I believe no one on earth is perfect, so i will understand if they didn't know what they did was bad. Cuz i am a strong believer that age is never an excuse to stop learning life-long values. That would mean, no matter how old or young you are, it's not too late to correct your wrongs! 

for example,
"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." 
- Wayne Dyer , Psychotherapist

"If you have nothing good to say about someone, say nothing at all" 
 - Alice Roosevelt Longworth

God bless <3

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