wish me luck, ok?

I'm trying to...
always keep my head above water.

I guess i've somewhat perfected the art of convincing others that
"I'm fine, no problems at all!"
so much that i have a hard time coping.

silly, i know.

But i believe there is always room for change.

What am i drowning in?
Company paper work, my newly acquired English center's management, and 
the final preparations for my Shopaholics Bazaar at the end of this month.

for more info on my event at Suria Sabah, 
click below to view the Facebook Event page. 
the first ever SHOPAHOLICS BAZAAR in Kota Kinabalu! 

Wish me luck okay, guys? 


Meitzeu said…

Tons of love here!
Armstrong said…
Ola... bloghopping here gal ;D

Hey hey, I really like your header. So cute hahaa.

Wow, you're handling a number of things there huh. well, I wish you all the best for your first ever shopaholics bazaar in KK!
xiaocass said…
huhuhuhuhuhu shopaholic event n i cannot go. T_T g'luck i know it'll rock.

<3 y'all! will not let u guys down!