Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh crappers... I'M LATE!

so i had an extremely busy but amazing
Christmas and New Year celebration. 
How was yours?  

i've not even started on my list of new year resolutions, 
but... pfft~ its nearly always the same ;)

Anyway, wishing all of YOU
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
it may be slightly late but im still uber sincere ok~

25th December 2011
 My Christmas party look! Love it? 

Was at the Glory Christian Center in Damai for the Christmas celebration, 
its turning out to be a yearly visit as a family to that Christian center.  
I'm actually really happy my parents seem to be finally being more open minded 
and seems to be more at ease about going to church. 
Mum did say she would accept Christ so... 
*fingers crossed*
Let's pray for good news, kay? teehee

29th December 2011
the biggest and most happening Twitter event in Kota Kinabalu!

#twtupKK 2011 at the PartyPlay cafe, Lintas
-mucho gracias to Rungitom-

just some of the pictures of that night :)
i had to rush off elsewhere for a friend's farewell.
but nonetheless, 
the Tweeples i met were effing amazing!
Felt so inspired and honored to meet each and everyone of them
from all walks of life and surprisingly, some of them came from 
KL, Sarawak and Labuan!

upcoming post and loads more pictures
of this fab event coming soon! *promise*

31st December 2011
decided to spend quality time with my parents n lil sister 
at our favourite club - Kinabalu Yacht Club with old family friends. 

i grew up in so many country clubs and i have a biased love for this club. 
:) the staff are now close friends, the manager is like an uncle,
and we've known the people there for decades. 

Theme for the New Year Countdown party - Mafia City!
too cute! 

the balloons and streamers all come down 
at the stroke of midnight.

It's the brand new 2012! 

and it was absolute chaos on the dancefloor 
as parents and children, staff and lovebirds all 
started stepping on balloons, wrapping each other in streamers 
 and dousing ppl in wine n beer!
Fireworks was shooting off at the beach too!

just two weeks into 2012,
hmmm  *smiles dreamily* 
i'm almost in love with this brand new year.
some thing happened. magical.
to share or not? 

Happy New Year, everyone.  <3 


Aj said...
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Aj said...

now i know who touch my shoulder that nite during the photo session hahahahaha its you..

curious.charlottefong said...

hahaha! no wonder u look so confused! hahahaha! dun worry bha ;p

Sherrie Pui said...

Hey Charlotte! You're looking great! <3 2012! I want to see you again soon!

Rungitom said...

Mafia styled New Year countdown party, that is effin' awesome yo! :D

And here's to another great year filled with new adventures, cheers!

My new home,

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