Welcoming the Water Dragon!

i just realised 
how mindblowingly busy 
a lot of us have been 
for the last two months.

it's already the end of January! 

 not sure about u guys but i was kept on my toes 
before Christmas, then right through New Year and till now, 
in the middle of the Chinese New Year!

i stepped on the scales today and realised,
 "hey, i lost weight!" 
not bad, right? 
*cheeky grin*

apparently keeping myself uber busy 
throughout the festive seasons has its advantages. 
i've been non-stop munching on cookies and homecooked dinner feasts!


to the singles or the available individuals of society: 
how has your angpow harvest been? 
mine has been great. :)
no, i'm not rubbing it in ur face. lol

to the married or the happily attached of society,
thank you for the munneh! 
and all the yummy food... 
May God bless u!
i hope the more u give away, even more shall return to u!

i'm currently back in KL for the Chinese New Year celebrations 
and it has been nothing but lovely family time :)

wishing everyone of u 
a wonderful Chinese New Year!

i just learnt how to play 
Poker and 21-points card games
all for the sake of chinese culture of gambling during this festive season!

yes. i JUST learnt.
i'm 23 years old this year and i have never gambled bfore this. 
sad, i know. but heck! its never too late! ;p



Daniel Chiam said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Congrats on losing weight and the amount of ang pau that you got!

Haha, I didnt went back home for CNY so only get one ang pau here in KL =/
DANIEL! im in KL too!!! come and get angpow at my place! haha! or coffee?

thank u sayang! :) surprised over the weight lost! y tak balik kampung?
Meitzeu said…
Not bad for you wor!!! Losing weight!! :D Have funnnn in KL!!
Sherrie Pui said…
Woots! Hope this year is a huat year for you!
hey girls! thanks so much! cant wait to hang out wif u guys once again! PICTURES!!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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