Finally! Sakagura is now at Oceanus Mall

Tucked in a corner of the brand new Oceanus Mall at Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu,
 is my new personal favorite Japanese restaurant - Sakagura! 

 Enter the very tastefully decorated restaurant, and be greeted by their very enthusiastic staff calling out their hello's and please-come-in!

 Sit by the seafood bar and be entertained by their chefs from Tokyo! 

 With family or a large group of friends? Don't worry, lots of space here! 

 Or, if you are like me,
 I prefer a quiet corner with only my man or just a few of my close friends,
here is a tip : book the private room in advance! 

 Not forgetting those who love the sunshine and sea breeze, 
you can opt to sit in these comfy long couches on the boardwalk, outside the restaurant. 
Enjoy the amazing blue sea view while having sushi! 

Now the best part of this post begins! 

Oyakodon which means chicken and egg rice bowl. 
Fluffy fried egg with sweet sauce and chunks of chicken on top of a steaming hot bowl of imported Japanese fragrant rice! This dish is definitely great for those who cannot live a day (or a meal!) without rice or if you are in a hurry. Once ordered, it was quick to arrive and oh-so-delicious! 

 Okonomiyaki is a Hiroshima styled pancake made out of noodles! On top of this pancake, your choice of beef or seafood is piled on and then topped with scallions and dancing fish flakes (Bonito). This is a savory and fun dish, think of it as a healthier pizza! 

It might look like durian in that large pot, but its not. *phew!*

That's actually collagen, by the way, 
For those who crave smooth, flawless and youthful skin, this is your best bet! Order this large pot of Collagen Nabe, cooked with these fresh vegetables and seafood for even more beauty enhancing nutrients. Once cooked, the collagen melts and looks like a bowl of chicken soup! I'm not vain, but I couldn't help but keep asking for another bowl! Reminds me of grandma's awesome cooking skills! This is a pretty large serving, so go ahead and share with 2-3pax. 

This sashimi platter is for CHAMPIONS! Seven types of extremely fresh seafood. 

My favorite? 
The scallops are so fresh, it tasted like a tiny morsel of HEAVEN! Almost like candy.

The next best bit are the raw prawns! I bet you're probably cringing and thinking "EW!", and guess what? I thought the same too! Oddly i managed to muster some courage, i closed my eyes and tried it anyway. PEOPLE! YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY IT! Its amazingly creamy. 

The rest of the sashimi platter was quietly devoured in absolute bliss.

Snow Crab meat on top of egg! 
This high quality Alaskan crab meat is famous for its snow white meat color and delicate sweetness. Generous portions of snow crab meat is paired with sweet egg rolls for a luxurious twist on an otherwise traditional tamago. If you love crab meat, this is the dish to try! Simple and interesting.

I believe that no meal is ever complete without a dessert, 
regardless it is in a form of a fruit or... SNOW FLAKES! 

A mountain of snow flakes is drenched in green tea, accompanied by a serving of glutinous rice balls and red beans. A tad too sweet for my liking but still i enjoyed it nonetheless. If you have a sweet tooth, their selection of dessert wont disappoint! 

Have you tried Sakagura in Oceanus Mall?
Let me know what you think of their food! Maybe recommend me other dishes to try! 

Hugs to all, Charlotte