Kurtos Spiroll : Chimney-Shaped Bread!

I love all things weird and quirky, for instance : my husband! Just kidding.

Let me introduce you to the new bread craze happening in Kota Kinabalu city.

KURTOS SPIROLL is now here! 
Located at the basement of Imago Shopping Mall. 

These pastries originally came from Hungary, where Dracula came from too. :)  The word 'kurtos' means 'chimney', which explains why their signature bread are shaped like little chimneys! 

Almost 1 meter long of dough is used to make these delicious bread!  So don't worry, you are getting your money's worth. After being baked in a special oven, these babies will be coated in your choice of topping! 

 I've personally tried a few of these chimney bread and honestly, they are so much fun when shared with friends! There is so much different flavors to try. You can have peanut butter or chicken floss if you want abit of saltiness, mildly sweet would be the cinnamon, or pandan. Wanna try something healthier? Order the sunflower seeds or honey nestum. Chocolate lovers will have a field day with Nutella or choc chips! 

This, my dear friends, is my favorite. 
CHEESE on top of the bread, sprinkled with their secret blend of spices, and huge sausage! 
You might be thinking its an ordinary hotdog, but it is not! 
Trust me, buy one, eat it and then tell me about it. 

Here is the menu! Check it out. 

Watch my video on how these little chimney bread are made! Choose your topping now! 

Location : Imago Mall, Basement. Opposite KFC and Chicken Rice Shop. 

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