Sunday, August 15, 2010

cassette on replay!!!

i just found my box of old cassettes! 
as in those rectangular plastic thingy containing thin film which u put in a radio to play music and they even print stickers to label the band name on it kinda cassettes!

i'm sorry. 
i was afraid the younger generation who never had the fun of knowing what is a cassette.
nor will they ever know how fun it is to screw up sumone else's cassette simply by pulling out the film  >:D

i did that to Mandy's Matchbox 20 cassette.
cuz she cudn't stop playing it for hours everyday. it was torture cuz i cant have anything too monotonous in my life. i get bored faaaar too easily. i think its a disorder! hehehe! 

my fav cassette?
dun laugh ok? 
*drum roll please* 
you ready?
it's my..... 1.) Disney Princess Collection!!!
  2.) Whitney Houston 
and 3.) Celine Dion!

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