of ALL humans to annoy me...

been hanging out alot lately with 2 small bunch of frens. 
group #1 : alvin raj roy ralph andrea panda ,
group #2 : wilson kenny louis cass 
not too close but just orite.
got irritated alot by a Philippino boy. i feel like im being used and different style of stalking.
he texts, he calls and he even walks to my house. apparently he lives quite close by! 

and ... the worst part is... my dog likes him =.=''
damn the dog.  

then a few times i do notice myself having a minor crush on him. come to think about it, eeeyuck! emphasizing on the word MINOR and the word CRUSH. 
definition of crush is you LIKE that person cuz u find that person interesting
definition of minor is that it is of a small amount, insignificant! 

so don't you dare go around with assumptions tht i like this guy big time, or i cant forget him, or i'd like to hv a relationship with him. it'd be crazy. i still haven't....no wait, i will not forget that he scratched my beloved Mercedez with his thumbnail. yeah... fantastic.

"just polish your car, the scratch will go off!"
just for your information, arsehole! the scratch is still there even after PRO car wash sessions! 
piss me off one more time, and i'm going after him to pay up!

and the worst one to date : he effing took my cash outta my wallet. 
no friend of mine does that!