patriotic about racism? =.=''

My point of view:  it's the OLDER generation that have this problem -----> racism. 

it was already drilled into their mind to be proud of your own race : "we're chinese! / we're malay! Better than u! ...etc" You get the drift. The older generation, let's be MORE specific, such as the babies born in the late 50's until early 80's.

i shyt u not! think about it!
how old is Nik Aziz? and what about Haji Badruddin?
i dun reli have to use this two as the example, but sadly, they seem to be the most famous political leaders for their racist/sexist comments :/

its not our generation that has a problem with racism.
(late 80's babies UNITE!)

not that we are absolutely racism-free but i think without the brainwashing or influence from the older generation, we might stand a chance of a racism-almost-free nation. a chance to prosper, no? :)