Sunday, November 28, 2010

iPhone4 or BlackBerry?

 suddenly Joyce blurts out ...
" jie? I have to go to the Digi Center." 
in case u dunno, 'jie' means elder sister in mandarin

"What for la? It's so out of the way." 
I was grumpy due to lack of sleep, so i was driving reasonably fast to
get some grocery shopping done. My only motivation to do it at all was 
my mom promising me to let me sleep in peace later in the day.

I had a No-Sleep-For-48-Hours challenge with Alvin. 
Read on my previous post about it if you didnt know about it. 
So yeah.. i wanna get back my ZZZ hours! ;p

 ".....Mom wants to get you an iPhone4..."  
My car screeeeeches into a dead stop when which i was just about to beat the red light.

"Say WHAT?!" 
*insert the most surprised look u can imagine right here*
i sound like the evil daughter that only does work for rewards but, no. i'm not like that ALLLL the time. hehehe. just sometimes. ;p

hmmmm... shall not get my hopes up too high just yet.
i am actually hoping for a BlackBerry handphone.
but an iPhone4 will do just fine.

but seriously, which would be better? i kinda feel the iPhone4 is slightly too stereotypical while the Blackberry is too... boring? No entertainment features but it'll let me get my work done. iPhone4 might just run out of battery before the day is out with my workload.

*thinking. deciding.confused*
tell me what you think?


Leo Hwong said...

awwww sis get the i fone dont get black berry ^^ besides ur gonna hate the buttons on black berry

xiaocass said...

iPhone pls. BB has no functions. period.

大恒 said...

agree with above comments...
bt battery life span of i phone too short..

xiaocass said...

juice pack loe ;)