Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr Prime Minister? ...i don't think this is working la...

Sunday morning breakfast is just my favorite meal of the week, 
regardless if i'm having it with my family, friends or just myself. 

There i was quietly enjoying the morning breeze on a wooden bench outside the house, with the most awesome Tenom coffee and some wheatmeal toast being dunked in it! 
*i'm actually smiling and yeeearning for some right now! 
omgyes, i'm sucha glutton! ;D*

but it was all ruined by this unidentified (must be unofficial) 1Malaysia song on TV. 
mom was watching morning news and i swear...

it was by far the most 
unpleasant/screechy patriotic song 
i've heard in my life. 

i've tried searching for it on Youtube, 
but so far, i couldn't tahan many other songs even after just a minute into it. 

just for your info, there is
more than just a single 1Malaysia song. 
 in fact, there are so many songs, you can spend the entire afternoon listening to them! 
psst, there is over 300 of them. 
:) epic, no?

here's the link to check all of them out. knock urself out! lol
1Malaysia songs -

and before some idiot comes along and screams,

well, guess what, shoepolish?
i fell in love with this country many years ago.
mainly cuz i was fortunate enough and made an effort to 
make friends with other malaysians regardless of race, 
and i've always loved checking out other states in Msia 
as well as going overseas. 

unlike most people who blindly go around boasting : 
" i love Malaysia! "
they've never really bothered exploring other states 
(famous saying : katak di bawah tempurung)
and thus knowing next to nothing about their own country.
  if you don't know much about something, how can you say that you LOVE it? 

for example, 
if you've never used Facebook
or visited Pulau Manukan,
HOW in the world would you be able to 
appreciate and declare your love for it!? 
 if you still say u love it, then HELLO LIAR! :)

okok, let's not get carried away...
my point of this post? 
i really dont think making up new songs, poems or new designs 
for a new campaign of any kind would really work
for a multiracial country as diverse as Malaysia. 
Especially with songs like those! 

empty talk or trying to kiss ass? wait and see people!

setting up 1MALAYSIA logos and billboards 
randomly around the city,or little towns is... kinda stupid. 
what are we suppose to feel when u look at these pretty posters and decoration?
i'm pretty certain the locals just admire the pretty colors, (try) read it,
and then continued with their daily life, completely forgetting what they've saw 
or never really understanding what it was! 

And i see these posters as 
a complete waste of our taxes! 

i'm not promoting the opposition but this really sums up what most people think of when you say : "ONE MALAYSIA!"  if you understand his joke, i agree with it. haha!

besides, it's definitely not new knowledge that our taxes or ''the people's money'' 
are often being swindled in government projects. We've heard it many times that contractors would go all out to polish some minister/datuk's shoe to get the project, agree to giving a certain amount stated by whoever gave him that job, and as usual, the contractor would do a cheap-arse job at it to allow MORE money to flow into his already burgeoning pocket. 

so far, great speeches that were given and their fantastical activities that follow after it to aid the 1Malaysia campaign doesn't really have an impact on the working class citizen which i think is the majority population. but maybe i'm wrong, maybe the government or Mr PM is only aiming at the children/teenagers whom they assume might be easier to brainwash. 

By Ir. Dr Hasnul Mohamad Salleh - "1Malaysia seeks to improve the relations of all Malaysians, regardless of racial, religious or cultural backgrounds. There are certain major concerns that need to be addressed in order to seriously engage in 1Malaysia concept. Without correcting them, all efforts will be in vain"
But what change can you expect if the government staff/ministers themselves are not following in their own campaign, or living up to the 1Malaysia concept?! Having no racial discrimination, accepting all as equals, respecting various religions and cultures, is well easy for some to adapt,
but i'm betting A LOT of others 
might be choking themselves to even think of changing.

take for example,
WHY would they come up with the idea of stamping and
giving serial numbers on bibles in the first place?
the person in charge or the group of them must have discussed it first
and ALL agreed that it was the best way to handle this matter.  
You obviously didn't care much about how others felt in the first place, no? 

at least there was a happy ending, everyone is happier now.
read up here : "Don't test the patience of Malays!" Perkasa warns Christians

we're all Malaysians in one pic - Malay, Chinese, Indians, and BabaNyonya.
i can go on and on about racial discrimination.
but i know most of you out there are probably falling asleep
trying to read to the bottom of this post! >:(

so here are some interesting racial discrimination articles that i find very informative.

the best article i've read so far?

so no, Mr PM.
i dun think all this songs, poems and posters 
are really much help in curbing racial discrimination. 
but i'd say : good try, dude! :D

no harm trying, and i'm sure your think tanks can come up 
with better ideas than poems and singing competitions. 
u shud motivate them off their lazy fat arses. 
 they have a job to do.
so do you. :)

here are some ideas:

  • stop separating the form 4 -5 students into the Agama or non-Agama classes in high school?
  • quit squabbling like little spoilt brats over the word 'Allah', there was never a problem until some 'geniuses' actually got confused in a church, thinking it was a mosque. LIKE HOW?
  • this might be hard but stop having political parties based on race! sheesh!

i know it's a sensitive issue. but just like how a parent shud one day talk about sex to their children, it is a sensitive issue that must be discussed and shud be handled with no means shud it be avoided. Running away from it would mean this country wud never achieve the goals of 1Malaysia or Vision 2020 respectively. 

my rant is over. so is my exams! :D
if u've read till the here. congrats and u hv my most sincere thanks!
i hope you've enjoyed reading my whines,complains and random jabs.

i missed the days in National Service, where i learnt the traditional Malaysian dances like kurik kundi and zapin Johor.
love ya'll, a malaysian girl.


大恒 said...

i read finish char...i love this i hate the gov for those unfair thing happen in sabah..sabah ranked the poorest,bt with our resources, we can be the richest..

Wasabi♥ said...

somehow, somewhere, eventhough i love sabah for being part of 1malaysia but i really really disappointed on the first fight of those racism.. well, if there's no war it wont make the world become imperfections, this world is very unfair in everything we had seen to predict it will be prefect world like fairytales but god divided for us to learn and reality of the world, how could he do that but i dont know but he is just teaching us a lesson, we cant talk bad about anything but ya i learn my lesson though. dont talk bad or trying to fit in to fight the war just see and wait and they will get the revange in return. okay i dont know what im talking but ya like not make sense but ya.. i got tired of those people who are fighting for the fucking chair. wth just purchase a chair somewhere in IKEA or somewhere famous and branded chair la.. haiz.. btw. god bless you all.. i got no comment on those gov thingy. i ain't your woman of malaysia. i support as much as i can for those who aren't racism and being 1family for all. thank you.

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