Friday, April 8, 2011

shall i offer thee candy for mercy?

oh dear oh my!
i've been missing for so long?!
*looks back to the date of previous post*

always pray before classes start.
i am NOT the only one sleeping.

i'm so sorry hunnies!
Examinations are sucha pain.
Sleep deprived and cramming is what are i'm doin these days.

i have two epic upcoming posts that will blow yo mind!
* i think.. cuz it certainly blew mine right off!*

i'm so excited to tell you guys!
so wait till the 13th, i promise it'll be worth the wait. 

here's a teenie tiny clue, 
 shopaholics will be soooo happy + a note to sumone BIG! 

xoxo, luv u guys! <3

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