Tuesday, April 19, 2011

have you learnt NOTHING from these disasters?!

this is not a post to blast Japan.
i'm just annoyed at some governments/countries/companies 
that are still so money-minded to go forward with building MORE nuclear plants! 

it's enough that natural disasters are increasing, 
these money minded bloodsuckers 
(i dun hv the heart to call them humans, sorry :/ )
obviously don't give a shyt about the danger, the environment or fellow humans!
all they care is money, and they tell the world :
"we're trying to meet the demands of electricity in growing nations!"
Wow.... Really? Angelic-nya.
a woman cries for the lost of her family and home.
just to give you guys a heads up! 
source : seventeen mag april issue
  • the amount of natural disasters has risen from 50% to 70% in just the last 20years! 
  • every second a patch of rain forest the size of a football field disappears, forever gone. 
  • if predictions are right, sea levels are rising 1/2 cm each year. yeaps, we're sinking. :(
  • a quarter of all species in tropical rainforests are already extinct. 
  • the biggest threats to the world? OURSELVES. humans. 

imagine having to grow up with this everyday, risking death and diseases.
the crippled nuke plant in Japan, a message to the world.
  by building a nuke plant, the citizens like us
are actually paying for the cost via our taxes.
but who reaps the BILLIONS in profit?
im sure you've got it figured out. >:)

but this aint about the money! 
i'm gonna have to admit, i hv not much confidence in our local developers and their minions in building massive structures, apa lagi a nuke plant!

and please la. we all noe nuke plants are dangerous. 
for humans AND everything else on earth. 
it's like digging our own graves.
so can we jsut stop the madness and oppose to nuclear power? 

the biggest blame lies with us, humans. 
greedy sonofabitches. 
yes we are. so do your part to go green, reduce power usage.
and another thing i've always wanted to point out. 
Earth Hour is always held once a year for only an hour. why not have Earth Hour more frequently? not as an event but as a personal habit?

im sure no matter how small your part is
in conserving energy and the environment, it means something. :)

at least in Malaysia, we don't need nuclear energy. so let's just say no, ok? 
and convince the other countries to do the same too.

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