Sunday, December 23, 2018

New Year Celebrations at the Hilton

Spend more time with family and friends as we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with
Urban Kitchen’s dinner and high tea buffet, specially crafted just for the evening and party the
night away at Rooftop Poolside!

Buffet Selections for the New Year!
Lookout for Chef’s specialties of poached whole salmon, seafood and chicken terrine and
smoked fish and meats cold cuts in its New Year’s Eve spread. With its extensive selections
of appetizers, mains and desserts, you are surely equipped to enjoy an after-dinner countdown

Head on over for high tea on New Year’s Day 
and enjoy the chef’s specialties and other Malaysian favourites!

New Year’s Eve Dinner Buffet
RM 168nett / adult

New Year’s Day High Tea, 1 January 2019
RM 88nett / adult

A Splashful Countdown at Rooftop Poolside
Usher in the New Year with a huge splash! Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the poolside in Hilton
Kota Kinabalu’s first ever wet countdown party. Bring along your best swim wear and change
of clothes for that memorable year-end celebration. Slots are limited, so call us today to make
your reservation! 
Price: RM 88nett per person (includes two drinks)

For more details :
call +6088 356 000 

Hilton Dining members enjoy up to 25% discount and selected credit cards enjoy 20% discount, except for Year-end Countdown Party at Rooftop Poolside.


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