Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs and Good Times with Friends at Morganfields, Imago Mall

I know sometimes it's really frustrating to find a place big enough to cater your big group of friends and family for a special occasion! And you gotta worry about whether the food and drinks are delicious enough to satisfy everyone! 

Worry no more, my lovely Sabahans! 
Here is some new and good western food in Kota Kinabalu. 

I checked out Morganfields in Imago Mall just a few days ago and these are what i recommend! 

Only for the month of May, Morganfields in Imago Mall will be rolling out this limited edition Kaamatan platter that consists of all the local favorites! Try out the Hinava, grilled fish, Tuhau, Bambangan, BBQ pork, fragrant rice, potato chips, and assorted chilli lime sauce! This is a great option if you don't want to go through the traffic jam and push through hundreds of sweaty bodies in KDCA bazaar just to enjoy these local delicacies. 

The star of Morganfields share platter has got to be the Rib Sampler (RM229.90). This tray is huge! My party of 5 pax had a hard time finishing this! So be sure to share! 

Let me tell you what is in it :-
3 slabs of spare ribs 
Corn on a cob 
Farmer's Bratwurst footlong
Spicy Devil Sausage
Herby Hog Sausage
Crunchy french fries
Garden Salad

Also, you have 5 choices of flavors for the Spare Ribs:
Garlicky BBQ
Hickory BBQ
Smoked Peppercorn
Asian Charred
Rib Rub

Personally, I loved the Asian Rub and Garlicky BBQ! 

Top picks from the Morganfields Ala Carte menu! 

Clock wise from the top

  • Mussels Kilpatrick (RM24.90) is 6 imported green mussels topped with smoky bacon bits and cherry tomatoes.
  • Roasted Pork Belly (RM22.90) is a premium slab of pork belly rubbed with assorted spices and roasted to bloody perfection!Crunchy skin on top, juicy meat at the bottom. 
  • Seafood Chowder (RM16.90) is super creamy, and has assorted seafood, corn kernels, seaweed and crunchy croutons! 
  • Smokin' Duck Salad (RM32.90) has Century Egg in it! So weird but so delicious! Love the creativity! 
  • Bacon Wrapped Meatballs (RM17.90) are little flavor bombs! Pop one of these in your mouth and enjoy the crunchy smoky bacon and the yummy meatball! 

Initially, i thought this was going to be too sweet for my liking but it turned out really light and so enjoyable! My favorite of all the Southern Fruit Teas(RM16.90) by Morganfields in Imago Mall is the Rasberry one. Chilled tea is infused with the fragrance and sweetness of chopped fruits and served topped with a scoop of natural fruit sorbet! Very light, not too sweet but so so fragrant! 

They have 6 flavor altogether :
  • Raspberry
  • Kalamansi
  • Mango
  • Lychee
  • Passionfruit
  • Green Apple 

Something fizzy and zesty to refresh you instantly without the help of alcohol is the Virgin Apple Mojito (RM16.90)! Fresh green apples, limes chunks, mint leaves in lemon lime soda. This gave me sweeet relief in the unbelievable heat of Kota Kinabalu. 

This mocktail had a very beachy feel to it. Waikiki (Rm14.90) is a concoction of passionfruit syrup, pineapple chunks, milk and pineapple juice. Sip on this while you reminiscence on your last beachside holiday.  

For more pictures and details, kindly check out my Facebook Photo Album : 

Here is the location of Morganfields, Imago Mall 

Contact them to make your reservations or for enquiries,
+60 88 274 281 

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