Sunday, May 23, 2010

oh, u durtay lil thang!

dance dance dance! drink and a lil camwhoring, please! 
a lil! i swear! ;p

 been getting into the habit of havin a bit of late-night fun. cuz my fav gurlie in the whole wide world, Cassie is back~! woots! been spending almost all my time wif her whenever possible. obviously, mommy wasn't too happy about it. but back to the happy part! she being the first to introduce to shisha, well, brought me out for more shisha! hahaha! i've graduated in the art of shisha-ing without coughing and without getting high. oddly, i do get high on shisha. like one wud go high after drinking a crate of beer or a bottle of chivas. cass can testify to that! LOL... having me smoke for 25minutes straight then go have fun at Edgar's pub. buduh... cant even walk straight. ROFL.

the new club - Emperor cud be given a rating of ...hmmm... 4 outta 10. the female Dj was pretty good, but boo to the service and crowd. our groupies took the VIP seatings which was elevated from the rest. so those with mini skirts, ;p  glad ur making the other men happeh! 

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