Saturday, May 29, 2010

me? work? like, seriously?

oh come on. i've worked hard for my moolah! ;p 

i know i look like the pampered princess. hehehe... but nah. i dun like being it.
weird, kan? 

hello PCfair! :D
yesh! charlotte at your service!
i am the promoter/cashier!

much thanks to Alvin, my long lost primary one crush and now best fren!
he's the supervisor of the store so i went for the interview and got hired. i assume there were string pulled cuz i noe nuthin of the tech world. hehe!

i had one of the best times of my life learning new stuff and meeting a gazillion strangers! yeah, im abit of a kepochi and cannot stop talking even if my life depended on it. no wait, i wud but i'd try to talk myself out of it? not making sense here. hmmm.. *ponders*
meet the IT family! :) btw i kinda had a major disagreement wif my cashier partner? when i was about to lose my temper to scream at her, darling Leo - a good fren of Alvin, helped me whip her foul mouth :D cant stop smiling at the memories cuz she cried! tsk tsk. evil evil meh~ 

meiyee and i fooling around on preparation day! :) miss her! 

gurls just LOVE sales! thats Andy in blue jeans and Leo! 
Hong and Andy clearing up after 3 days of absolute chaos. fun!


Leo Hwong said...

if there a like button in blogger ima press it on this one


curious.charlottefong said...

awwwww..... <3 thx leo!