sprinkles of the past

i've surprised myself again. with friends la, i mean. finally being able to hang out with decade old frens :) 

seeing them all grown up, some studying, others working. still amazes me everytime. how far we've come from lil kids in primary school uniforms, with the biggest worries of whether our homework were completed or not. and we can still remember the lil thing we'd do with each other, what we said and what our parents would say to the other. gawd. some blardy embarrassing stories came out, but i've forgotten some tho. so we'd all be screaming and laughing most of the time. hmm... indeed, how far along we've come. 

 an old soul, i am. old soul and a romantic. i cant possibly survive this cold and cruel world. just barely alive from my last break-up, which is also my first and only serious relationship thus far. the others after that, well, i guess there was no harm trying out a relationship with them . but i always did emphasize that i'm not in this for the long run. yes, i did state one condition : we're a couple but it ain't gonna last long. 

i'm no cold hearted bitch. i can be, but only when forced with a sprinkle of hate/anger. 

if ever i do find the right guy for a long term and serious relationship, i'd do lil things to make him happy. holding hands and giving him kisses or hugs. buying him prezzies that i think he might like, and cook food for him! LOL heck, the way to a man's heart is often food. tried and tested. im blardy qualified. unless he had better, then poor me. hehehe. 

but no. there is no man for a complicated gurlie like me. considering turning lesbo. cuz gawd, i've met gurls who'd be perfect boyfrens if only they were guys. blek!