to do list after exams! rawr!

now i know the meaning of being : TOO FREE. 

exams are on the way. i should be studying every damn minute of every damn day. but gawd, im no nerd-material. much to my misfortune. LOL. i'd love to be a nerdy good gurl. 

but gah, i'd rather really live life, apart from the norm. i'd be crazy not to! seriously, do i look like the type that would just sit there study? then take a nap, and continue reading? i can, but only in small doses. but i can do practicals like an obsessed workaholic. eg: college and family events. oh yeah~~~

my to do list!!!
study for exams. 
sit for exams ;p
then have a week of absolute sleep in
go all out shopping and clubbing for the next! 
the finale : imma go work wif my daddy! 

the last part was a bit of a downer but still, excited. this time, imma just work for him. not for mommy! >:P